According to Todd Howard, the map of Starfield is said to be the largest in Bethesda history.

Bethesda’s future space RPG Starfield It’s still a long way to go in every sense, but director Todd Howard has dropped some small chunks of information that seem to indicate that the game will be big, giving the developer the biggest RPG map ever. It offers.

This information was provided as part of an interview published yesterday as part of the Develop: Brighton Digital conference (and usefully summarized by the Starfield Reddit community). Howard said the development team is using procedural generation tools when working on the next map.both The Elder Scrolls VI And Starfield, It will allow them to create a larger world more easily. This means StarfieldThe map will be even bigger Fallout 76It was four times the size of the existing one Skyrim..

Howard also talked about other improvements, including better rendering, animation, AI, paths, and other improvements, including a major overhaul of the Studio Creation Engine used in all RPGs: “When people see the results, we I’m so happy. ” Many people are working on games. When the studio worked on it, the team said it was about four to five times as big as Skyrim.

Howard also said during the announcement of Bethesda’s ongoing purchase by Xbox. Starfield It will be posted on the Xbox Game Pass from the first day, The Elder Scrolls VI.. But don’t expect much right away. Howard states that “it will take some time” before seeing anything from Starfield. Due to the inherently unpredictable nature of development, he was reluctant to talk too much. not yet.

You can see the full hourly, one-bit interview with Todd Howard below.

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