According to YouTuber, Cyberpunk 2077 gets over 40GB first day patch

Cyberpunk 2077 is just around the corner. However, admission to Night City may be slightly delayed due to the currently almost mandated DayOne patch. This is because it is rumored that not only is it two digits in size, but it can actually exceed 40GB. And that’s a pretty update to wait for the download.

Expect the coloring pack to be included on the disc …

This news comes from DreamcastGuy (YouTube personality if you didn’t know) who posted a screenshot of patch demand and an estimated file size of 43.5GB. At least this is a bit better, as I followed the previous suggestion that a 56GB patch is needed. But given the time spent on development, the two numbers are still large. Especially when releasing with two discs!

This is the latest headline that Cyberpunk 2077 has created independently in the last few weeks. First, there was a delay. After that, I desperately increased the working hours of the staff toward the launch. And then I mentioned the cut content. However, when the Day One patch reached this size, the cut content could have been more than we expected, and now it seems that we’re trying to get the patch back.

Or it’s more buggy than Assassin’s Creed Valhara and most of it needs to be replaced. Can you imagine? Oh, you’ll be disappointed!

Source: Twitter

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Cyberpunk 2077 Will Get a 40GB+ Day One Patch, According to YouTuber

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