Ace Attorney Chronicle officially heading to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC in July this year

Capcom officially announced that it will offer a remastered version Phoenix Light: Ace Attorney spin off Great Reversal Trial Chronicle Head west at the end of this summer.

The collection consists of both Great Reversal Trial Adventure And Great Reversal Trial 2: Settlement, Previously both were only available in Japan and there is a complete English translation of both games. There are 10 proceedings, including an investigative stage looking for clues to the crime scene and a trial stage in which a rival lawyer is played in front of judges and juries.

Story-wise, the game takes place about a century before the Phoenix Wright event, and you play as his ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruto. Working with assistant Susatomi Kotoba, great detective Harlock Shorms (of course), and his assistant Iris Wilson, he will work on a variety of cases in both 19th-century Japanese and British courts.

There are also many special additions, such as bonus videos and behind-the-scenes art. An interesting first feature of the series is the all-new “story mode” in which the game is played. I like to experience the game as a kind of linear movie.Finally, the game will also be available in’Ace Attorney Turn About Collection‘Combine both this game and 2019 Phoenix Light: Ace Attorney Trilogy In one package..

Great Reversal Trial Chronicle It was first discovered when the list was discovered by the Taine Evaluation Board in February. Check out the trailers below to pick up the game itself when it’s released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 27, 2021.

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