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ACE EV Announces Modular Lamp Commercial

X1 transformer platform designed to allow rapid changes to body modules

Van mode X1 transformer

ACEEV, a steadily growing Australian electric vehicle manufacturer, has launched a flexible X1 Transformer modular platform.

The company, which began with the provision of light commercial vehicles and vans, sees this design as a “next level” light commercial vehicle.

The launch of the X1 Transformer was hosted online by the Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia (SAE-A), a specialized agency for automotive and mobility engineering in the Asia Pacific region.

ACE states that Transformer’s modular architecture offers interchangeable modules for long and short wheelbases, high and low roofs, vans and ute, and modules can be changed in just 15 minutes.

The X1 was targeted at major fleets around the world as an integrated energy, transportation and communication system.

“We are an energy and software focused company with a mobile energy management system. [MEMS] It provides a new way for energy and transportation to work together, “said Greg McGarvie, Managing Director and Co-Founder of ACEEV.

“For busy freight companies with major distribution centers, the X1 allows pre-packed modules to be mounted directly on an electrical platform and moved in 15 minutes.

“One platform can carry the cargo modules you need, such as vans or utes, high roofs or low roofs, so whatever your individual cargo mission is, it’s always maintained.”

An important feature of the X1 Transformer platform is Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologyConnect to telematics, software updates, emergency power supplies, and ACE’s pioneering smart energy wallets via the cloud.

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ACE EV had Earn $ 5 Million with Federal Funding, Admits Senator Rex Patrick’s strong support for an energy management trial starting early next year using the X1 Transformer as a test platform.

“Our advanced Australian Vehicle To Grid (AAV2G) project uses integrated onboard energy metering to provide bidirectional forwarding between vehicles, buildings and grids,” said McGarvie. increase.

“This system allows the X1 Transformer to store energy from rooftop solar cells or grids in vehicle batteries to power homes and businesses as a whole.

“It charges when the sun shines, provides energy demand at night, supplies emergency power as needed, and feeds back to the grid. Of course, it drives the vehicle itself.

“We plan to launch a trial vehicle for the X1 Transformers on the road in November of this year, with a view to starting full-scale system testing in April next year.”

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ACE EV Announces Modular Lamp Commercial ACE EV Announces Modular Lamp Commercial

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