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Last week we need to make sure one thing for every Newcastle fan out there: the life supporting this club can be quite soul-destroying.

Due to the pain of injury, internal bankruptcy, and a High Court ruling, the acquisition was “0-2 down before kickoff” in the arbitration hearing. This is not Coronation Street cobblestone or Emerdale Farm. This is the average week in the black and white world.

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Glen Lauder’s family for the bad news. A man who played, captained and managed at NUFC. The amazing Holy Trinity achievement that we could only dream of achieving. The flood of compliments from his posthumous fans and ex-players symbolizes how well everyone in the club thought of him.

News of Allan Saint-Maximin and Miguel Almiron facing a long spell on the treatment table and hitting expectations for Premier League survival has hit reports of his death starting a turbulent week on Tyneside Did. This was a really cruel blow, as the absence of top scorer Callum Wilson was bad enough.

Then, on Wednesday, the “monopoly” for Craig Hope’s email sent a shockwave all over the city when it revealed that a huge dressing room bust-up had occurred between Steve Bruce and Matt Ritchie. It was.

This quickly became a hot topic across social media, and our club turned into a circus again.

An explosive press conference from Steve Bruce followed the season’s biggest match in West Brom, with certain northeastern reporters banned and all hell appearing to be unleashed at every angle. ..

Unfortunately, the NUFC gods hadn’t played the game yet, as news was reported that they had lost the High Court’s decision to dismiss the chair of the takeover arbitration panel. Toon supporters have endured a series of negative news over the last 18 months. This is what we have learned to get used to.

Some say that the rough must be taken smoothly. That may be true of life in general, but rarely in Newcastle. For those of us who have supported Toon during Mike Ashley’s tenure, it’s safe to say that it’s almost always rough.

But what makes it all worthwhile is the topic we collectively feel at the rare moments of pure ecstasy.

Overwhelming impression of #cans Last year, “Rafa Benitez, we want you to stay” after defeating the Spurs, even though Angkor has already been demoted. Fifteen years later, he broke the transfer record at Almiron while defeating Manchester on the same day. Or perhaps more recently, in a thunderstorm with only nine men on the field, smashing a fierce 3-2 victory over Southampton.

These short and fast rushes of adrenaline have always been in turmoil, and the topsy nature of following our football club, even if most of what we’re dealing with is crazy for us. Makes it a little addictive!

This season’s climax symbolizes the essence of the club. Literally anything can happen. Losing in West Brom makes the feeling of sinking stronger than ever, but defeating the buggy temporarily eliminates all the bad news we’ve been dealing with, giving us six unimaginable points. You can see it move.

The demotion dogfight and takeover court battle remains uncertain, so it may seem like a challenge now. But as you already know, there is always light at the end of the NUFC tunnel, and some good results can regain the pleasing element again.

As always, we are destined to ride a roller coaster, so I recommend that all Newcastle fans buckle and hold firmly.

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Acquisition “nose”, training ground blows and injury pain-a week of Newcastle United’s life Acquisition “nose”, training ground blows and injury pain-a week of Newcastle United’s life

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