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Hickory Motor Speedway’s American Canada Tour Doubleheader is pre-populated with 28 powerful fields.

Waterbury, Vermont — USA-Canada Tour unveiled an early entry list for Hickory 125 and Easter Bunny 125 on April 2-3 at the Hickory Motor Speedway.

Twenty-eight teams promised to open the season early by hosting at least one event at the legendary Hickory Motor Speedway in North Carolina.

The entry list includes regulars on the ACT Late Model Tour, weekly Late Model Champions, and a highly decorated mix of top drivers you’ll find at every big event. It represents 5 different states and numerous tracks / series. This event is the first time a late ACT model has raced on the Hickory Motor Speedway.

Vermont is leading with a whopping 14 drivers registered in Hickory’s Doubleheader. Former Thunder Road late model champions Jason Corris and Bobby Terien are on the list of drivers heading to North Carolina. So is former Riverside Speedway Champion Jeff Marshall. Former Governor’s Cup winner Brooks Clark. Defend White Mountain Motorsport Park Rookie of the Year Andy Hill.

Several race winners each week, Jim Morris, Stephen Donahue, Tyler Kahoon, Chip Glenier and Derekmin, are working on their travel plans. Veteran Joey Raquel has entered the Saturday part of the doubleheader. Ranfia’s sisters Riley and Peyton, and ACT’s regular Jesse Swisser conclude the Vermont Brigade.

Meanwhile, New Hampshire currently has seven Hickory representatives. They include eight-time White Mountain Champion Quinny Welch. Riverside Speedway Champions Sean Swallow and Mike Kenison. Multitrack champion Aaron Fellow.

Three-time ACT Champion Wayne Heliwell Jr. is already on the candidate’s short list. Heliwell is a factor in almost every race he participates in and will definitely speed up faster. The legendary 8-cylinder streetstock Alby Obit and his teammate Jimmy Renfrew Jr. have completed a list of racers in New Hampshire.

Five drivers from Massachusetts participated in Hickory 125 and Easter Bunny 125. Tom Carrie III and Derek Gulchakki are using the event as a tune-up for their sophomore ACT tour season after finishing in the top 10 at last year’s points. ..

Jake Johnson, who recently won 100 Snowflakes at the Five Flags Speedway in Florida, plans to double-duty with the Pro All-Star Series Super Late model. Trenton Goodrow is looking for a powerful show at his first ACT event since last year’s double ACL surgery. They will be joined by Star Speedway Regular Randy Call Jr. from Bay.

Maine and Rhode Island each have one ACT driver heading to Hickory. Mainer is one of the largest racing names in the northeast. BenRowe has won the Hickory many times in the PASS Super Late Model Competition. Rowe, like Johnson, plans to attend all four events that combine the ACT and PASS events, making it a busy trip for longtime champions. Mike Mitchell, found on race tracks throughout the region over the weekend, concludes the field.

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ACT announces early entry list for hickory doubleheaders ACT announces early entry list for hickory doubleheaders

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