Activision accuses Netflix of poaching executive proceedings

Game giant Activision is bringing Netflix to court about what Call of Duty companies say is a pattern of unethical and illegal behavior for poaching streaming company executives. I will. It’s all related to former Activision CFO Spencer Neumann, who left the gaming company in 2018 and joined Netflix as Chief Financial Officer.

In a proceeding filed by Deadline, Activision said, “Netflix is ​​rudely recruiting talent, regardless of ethical and legal obligations. Netflix is” appropriate “to shape its employees to their needs. It’s not just about ruthlessly dismissing our employees who we consider. However, regardless of contractual obligations, he is engaged in a long-standing campaign to illegally poach executives from Netflix competitors. “

Activision claims that Netflix is ​​ignoring California law, including labor law, in its actions. According to Activision, Netflix “intentionally urged Neumann to violate the employment contract with Activision.”

“To make matters worse, when Activision was negotiating with Netflix (with the support of Neumann) a commercial partnership to deliver Activision’s linear media content, Netflix engaged in the tort. “Activision said. “Then, Netflix urged Neumann to violate its trustee obligations to Activision, thereby gaining yet another unfair and unethical advantage over one of Netflix’s competitors, Activision. Did.”

Activision’s proceedings continue that this action with Neumann was not an isolated case. “Netflix has a proven pattern that Netflix only cares about attracting and hiring the people it wants, regardless of whether it violates the law along the way,” the game company said. ..

Activision is seeking a permanent injunction from Netflix to solicit or entice Activision employees under contract to break the contract. Activision also wants to pay compensatory damages, consequential damages, punitive and / or statutory damages.

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