Activision Blizzard sues Netflix to poached executives

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For corporate beef lovers, here’s a wapper: Activision Blizzard sues Netflix.As reported by deadline, Netflix poached Activision’s chief financial officer, Spencer Neumann, before the deal expired. In response, Activision has filed a proceeding in the California Superior Court today.

According to Activision attorneys, Neumann call of Duty The factory will be established in May 2017 and the contract will expire in April of this year. (The game publisher also had the right to extend it for another year.) Netflix begged him in late 2018. A job that lasts only a year and a half may be a fake company — and an eyebrow-a laser on a LinkedIn page — but the basis of today’s complaints is a contract breach.

Activision bans streaming services from hiring Activision employees who may have “fixed-term employment contracts” and gives Netflix a permanent injunction (basically “this can’t be done anymore” Is seeking a court order). Activision is also seeking punitive damages, a “fine” in which attorneys speak “$$$$”.

However, Activision is clearly not just angry with Neumann.Scroll through complaints — this is You can read it completely here Courtesy of deadline— And, following Neumann’s 2018 onboarding, you’ll see a thinly obscured, frustrating, complete language that Netflix is ​​clearly invading the video game space. Activision attorneys emphasize Netflix’s participation in E3 in 2019, Hosted a panel entitled “Bring Your Favorite Shows: Develop Netflix Originals for Video Games.” I’m not sure the name of the panel.To date, I haven’t spoken yet, so I can’t protect the UK VIP with games based on body guard..

I have never seen Emily in Paris The game that I’ve always known to be a leader in expatriate MLM was deep in my bones.

Complaints are based on games Stranger Things— A popular horror series that is not similar Super 8, No, not at all. Last year, it appeared on multiple platforms.Suit also mentions video games based on Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.. (Probably they are talking Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, Was released in February. )

Of course, Activision is now call of Duty NPD Group, It is the best-selling video game franchise in US history.

Read the entire report deadline..

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