Activision issues DMCA removal to outlets covering Call of Duty leaks

Activision issues DMCA removal notice Website Twitter Account Video Game Chronicle Call of Duty: After legally covering a map leak from Warzone, the VGC account was temporarily locked (a standard Twitter process as claimed by the DMCA, but eventually a full account suspension. May be connected). Tweet in question I was also hit by Twitter. The DMCA also influenced VGC Editor-in-Chief Andy Robinson.Both tweets pointed out VGC coverage for leaks – Activision doesn’t seem to be working to remove it.

Twitter policy “Allegations of copyright infringement, such as allegations of unauthorized use of copyrighted images as profile and header photos, and allegations of unauthorized use of copyrighted videos and images uploaded through media hosting services. I will respond to the report. ” A tweet containing a link to a material that is allegedly infringing. “

Robinson has Clarified The tweet did not contain a Twitter-hosted image of the leaked material. Twitter links automatically pull images from the story. This may appear to indicate a leaked image, but the VGC tweet (and story) image looks like a screenshot of the “Ashes to Ashes” mission in the Black Ops Cold War campaign. It is not a leaked image. Robinson has confirmed with IGN that the image is a header since its release and is from an existing game, not a leak.

VGC coverage included only instances of leaked materials as embeds from other sites, and the leaked materials were not privately hosted. Many of those embedded, leaked images remain live at the time of writing.Twitter itself, even if the image embedded in a news article is considered a link to “material allegedly infringing” Fair use guidelines Clarify that copyrighted material, including “educational explanations or additional context,” can be posted or linked if it is considered transformative. It’s easy to say that both are part of the news coverage.

Activision does not publicly explain why it tried to withdraw the tweet, and Twitter does not explain why it was deemed to be in breach of policy despite fair use. Activision also doesn’t explain why it seemed only I tried to withdraw the tweet.

In a statement to IGN, Robinson confirmed that Activision is currently in contact and is trying to resolve the situation.

“It’s a shame that this happened in a legitimate story about information in the public domain.

“I’ve been reporting on the gaming industry for nearly 20 years and I understand that companies are sensitive to leaks and need to monitor IP, but if you do this, you’re in good faith. There are inherent risks to reporting because VGCs can get caught up in crossfire.

“Based on that, and since tweeting about this issue, Activision has contacted me to explain what happened and promised to take action to resolve the situation, so I’m happy with the result. doing.”

Activision isn’t the only one to use the DMCA to approach leaked gaming industry information, but this approach, which removes links to news about leaks, rather than much of the leaked assets themselves, and Twitter Looks like you’re accepting it. Set precedents that are detrimental to taking action against legitimate news coverage. IGN asked Activision Blizzard for comment, but did not.

At the very least, Activision’s approach to covering leaks certainly seems to suggest that the leak is legitimate.

The leak itself arose from a live-action trailer clip of the new 1980s-themed Warzone map shared by accounts on social media. On thin ice, Before being quickly removed by Activision. The footage was then shared on Reddit and YouTube social media.

In that report, VGC confirmed the leak, and Warzone was set to replace the current Verdansk map with a revised version of the Black Ops Cold War era on April 22 as part of an “explosive in-game event.” Sources say there is. According to a VGC report, the new map was scheduled to be launched in parallel with the Black Ops Cold War in November 2020, but was pushed out of that window by “some factors”.

Other recent Activision-Blizzard news reports that the company has implemented a furlough affecting approximately 190 employees.

Jordan Oroman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter. Joe Skrebels is IGN’s Editor-in-Chief of News.


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