Activision proceedings accuse Netflix of poaching CFO

Activision has filed a proceeding against Netflix for poaching CFO Spencer Neumann by a streaming giant. Neumann was hired by Netflix within a few days of a nasty departure from Activision.

According to a proceeding discovered by The Hollywood Reporter (via GamesIndustry), Activision accuses Netflix of fostering and betting on intentional interference with contracts, unfair competition, and breach of trustee liability. ..

In the proceedings, Activision stated that as part of Activision’s then CFO duties, Netflix urged Neumann to violate the employment contract while Neumann was negotiating with Netflix. .. Part of that encouragement allegedly came from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. Reed Hastings is documented as “personally involved” in Neumann’s recruitment.

THR points out that this is the third time Netflix has been accused of illegally poaching employees of other entertainment companies.

Neumann After being hired as CFO for streaming services in early 2019, he has been with Netflix for nearly two years now. Rumors of adoption spread a few days before it was officially announced, but a few days later it frowned. Neumann took a year and a half from his role as CFO at Activision Blizzard and then took a vacation until he was fired.

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