Activision sues Netflix for “poaching” former CFO •

Activision is suing Netflix over the appointment of former Chief Financial Officer Spencer Neumann.

The proceedings alleged that Netflix poached Neumann after working for the game giant for only 18 months, according to the Hollywood Reporter: “Intentional interference with contracts, unfair competition, breach of trustee liability. Support and bet “is appealing. As a result, we are seeking both compensatory and punitive damages, as well as a “permanent injunction prohibiting Netflix from soliciting contracted employees.”

Neumann was found to have been fired from Activision in early 2019, but neither party expanded why he was released. Hollywood Reporter said Netflix “intentionally urged Neumann to violate Activision’s employment contract”, “Activision, with the help of Neumann, about a commercial partnership to deliver Activision’s linear media content. Engaged in tort while negotiating with. “

Even if Netflix knew that Neumann’s employment contract would link him to Activision until at least April 30, 2020, “if he is sued at his exit, the CFO’s legal proceedings I offered to pay the cost. “

“Netflix’s illegal and unethical conduct is intentional and” top-down “instructive,” Filing claims.

“Activision loses unless Netflix voluntarily concludes a compulsory, continuous fixed-term employment contract and is curtailed by appropriate injunction relief from continuing to attack Activision’s workforce. You will continue to suffer irreparable damage, including but not limited to. Valid fixed-term employment contract value, business reputation, workforce, damage to business opportunities, and accused are unfair by illegal and unjust acts. Will continue to be prosperous, “said the lawsuit (thanks, PC gamers).

As I reported at the time, Neumann left a period of turmoil for Activision Blizzard, which he saw with Neumann in January 2019, and Mike Mohheim, CEO of Blizzard in October 2018. Morheim was replaced by J. Allen Black, who was replaced by the president, not the CEO, at the time.

Around the same time Activision Blizzard left the company with Destiny developer Bungie, it was thought to “reduce annual revenue by $ 400 million,” and in February 2019, “hundreds of people” in a restructuring plan. I fired the staff. “Unify functions and increase profits” while making record profits.

The full filing can be read on Scribd.

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