ActRaiser composer hints at a sequel when the game celebrates its 30th anniversary

ActRaiser – 30 years old today (Photo: Square Enix)

The beloved SNES game ActRaiser is 30 years old this week and its composer believes there is still potential for a new sequel.

It may not be the most famous SNES game ever made, but ActRaiser is certainly one of the most imaginative ones, combining a traditional 2D action platform with a populous-style strategy section.

Thanks to its unusual gameplay and excellent graphics and soundtrack, it has rapidly increased the cult audience that continues today, but the only sequel to date is any of the strategic elements of the first game. It’s a disappointing ActRaiser 2 that I didn’t have.

Last year’s spiritual sequel SolSeraph was even worse and seemed to make the official sequel even less likely, but probably not, according to composer Yuzo Koshiro.

In an interview with the 30th anniversary of the game, Japanese magazine Famitsu asked Koshiro about his work, mainly in the soundtrack.

He also talked about how the game is still gaining new fans today, thanks to the retro live stream, and said many people are hoping for a sequel.

“If we can do that, I think we’ll have more new ActRaiser fans,” he said. “So I hope it happens.”

It’s unclear if he’s talking purely from his own point of view, or if he knows the move to make a new sequel within Square Enix, but it’s more than a vague hope of another game. is.

At least he has a new arrangement for the Stage 1 soundtrack. This is already more like a celebration than I expected on the anniversary.

Koshiro is still active in the video game music scene, and has recently provided Street of Rage 4 tracks, Mega Drive Mini, and Sol Seraph menu music.

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ActRaiser composer hints at sequel as game celebrates 30th anniversary

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