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Adam Cole recently spoke Alex Bize from Asbury Park Press Promote Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite on TNT, which will be broadcast live from Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Dynamite will see Cole make his AEW inling debut against Frankie Kazarian.

Cole made his debut at AEW at the end of the All Elite Pay-Per-View earlier this month. He called the all-out a “generational pay-per-view” event and talked about why he was so excited. Cole also said that all-outs would be delivered from the top to the bottom of the card.

“My god, I was very excited,” Cole said of the all-out. “What I often do is keep in mind 12-year-old wrestling fans. People who just eat, sleep and breathe wrestling. And buy” all out “in pay-per-view or I’m thinking about buying an “all out” ticket and attending a live show. And I think the whole show is one of the most memorable wrestling pay-per-views in history. And, of course, all matches were delivered plus 10 from top to bottom of the card. And in addition to all the surprises, I was so excited that I was able to attend such a special night. “

Cole’s arrival at AEW means a clear potential dream match with names such as Bryan Danielson and CM Punk, but Cole also includes wrestling people such as MJF, Jungle Boy, and Darby Allin. I am looking forward to it.

“There’s a reason they’re there, and there’s a reason they’re so well emphasized,” Cole said of the talent of the young AEW. “… they are the future of wrestling.”

The call continued. “When it comes to wrestlers, there are a lot of notable and talented professional wrestlers. The fact that AEW has these talents and is very open to highlighting these promotions is probably the way they didn’t have. It’s really really cool to have been highlighted for a very long time or never been highlighted before. It opens up so many different creative possibilities in the AEW roster. This opens up many possibilities for multiple related promotions. “

Cole believes that the opening of the “forbidden door” of professional wrestling is a business development that will bring great benefits to wrestling fans. He is looking forward to the match between promotions.

“I will continue to return to imagining myself as a fan,” Cole said. “It’s very exciting to think that the two promotions clash, for example, an impact wrestler coming to AEW, or a New Japan Pro-Wrestler coming there and having a chance to wrestle with an AEW star.”

Cole has partnered with AEW’s elite of friends, including AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Impact World Tag Team Champion Good Brothers. Cole commented on the possibility of a confrontation between the elite and the Brett club.

“I think we’re in a tense relationship with the Brett Club in Japan and the elite here at AEW,” Cole said. “History speaks of itself by looking at the tensions between the two teams and the two groups, so I think” unfinished business “is an understatement. At some point, I think it’s very likely that I and the elite will need to take care of some business. “

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Adam Cole makes his AEW all-out debut, potential feud at AEW, and more Adam Cole makes his AEW all-out debut, potential feud at AEW, and more

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