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Everyone believed it for a long time Adam ColeNext destination is AEWIt took a long time before the wrestling star himself made the decision.former WWE Stars recently appeared Oral session podcast of Lenny packet.. He talked a lot about his time at work and much more.

Cole discussed his call to jump from WWE to AEW and revealed that he was making a decision and building peace a few days before AEW’s debut.

“I’ll never forget it, but it was a few days before all-out like I was still making my decision. It was coming close to the press. Don’t get me wrong. , I was pretty convinced from the gate that AEW was the place I wanted to go, but it was still not an easy decision. At the age of 9, I was obsessed with wrestling because of WWE. “Oh, what should I do?”

Adam Cole reveals that it was the hardest part about leaving WWE

Adam Cole also discussed how to miss out on interacting with different people in the WWE locker room. He argued that not being able to join the DaParty on UpUpDownDown is probably the most difficult part of leaving WWE.

“Very tough. It was probably the hardest part of the decision I think, I really formed a close bond between Woods and Switzerland (“Cesaro) And get over the pandemic.

DaParty is a video series of UpUpDownDown YouTube channels that appeared during last year’s COVID-19 pandemic. I saw a team of Adam Cole, Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze and Cesaro playing different games together.

Later in the interview, Adam Cole revealed that the four were in a group chat, talking to each other every day. He said it made him feel like he hadn’t lost that connection, but he still missed being part of their video. – An easy way to buy pay-per-view events.

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Adam Cole was the hardest part to leave WWE Adam Cole was the hardest part to leave WWE

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