Adam Scherr talks about his encounter with AEW and what he’s been working on since he left WWE – WWE Sports

Adam Scherr recently interviewed the “All Lions” section of Sports Illustrated’s official website.

During discussions, a former WWE superstar, well known as Braun Strowman, was asked about his free agency status and confirmed that he had recently met with AEW officials about his potential participation in the promotion. ..

Below are some of the highlights of the interview he touched on, including this topic.

What he has done since he left WWE: “Well, I enjoy resting for a while, you know. Running hard for eight years and being on the road for six years at WWE is an incredible opportunity I’ve seen in my life. It was an incredible experience, but I also missed out on many things in my daily life, such as my family, married people, childbirth, and unfortunate funerals.-Daylife. But now I’m working on a project with WWE superstar EC3, who is wrestling with the Ring of Honor. We made our own series called “Free the Narrative,” but it’s free. Located on FITE TV. I already have “Free the Narrative 1” where EC3 wrestles with Matt Cardona and I’m in “Free the Narrative 2”. 90 minutes movie style wrestling. It’s more than wrestling. A movie in which wrestling takes place. Small, but we narrated on it, talent, what wrestlers experienced in life, trials, d hardships and how they overcame it. It’s really based on mental health. I’m a huge supporter of mental health, which allows me to express myself, remove some of the burdens and problems I have in me, talk and put it out. It was a thing. .. But there are many others. There are many other faces you recognize in it. Former WWE superstar and now Weston Break Wesley Break wrestled with Impact Wrestling star Skyler. So there are many faces out there, but it’s basically much of your daily life of controlling the story, controlling what you can control in life, and learning how to handle what you can do. You can control, deal with things, and overcome these mental obstacles.

“I’m also working on a mental health app called’Diskuss’. John Paul De Joria, one of the founders of one of my business partners, Paul Mitchell, who owned Patron, is one of them. This is very important to me and will be released soon. This is a mobile phone app subscription that puts a licensed and certified mental health professional in the palm of your hand. You can send facetime, phone calls, and text messages when you don’t have contacts. When you’re having a bad day, you’re standing on a shelf and you need to talk to someone. Give people the opportunity to talk to someone so they don’t do anything unreasonable. It is such a stigma in the world. Everything that happened in the pandemic, I think it opened up to be more careful in the eyes of many people. Mental Health and Caring It More I had an incredible opportunity with WWE and now it’s very for me to be able to have this voice that can help this platform and others around the world It is close to and important. And that’s one of the things I’m working on, and first and foremost, before deciding who, where, what, and when to put wrestling boots back on. “

Whether he had the opportunity to sit down and watch all the hot matches hosted by AEW: “Yes, we sat down and talked about such things with my agent. We are now trying to find a fit that all kinds work together. From now on, I have so many I’m working on it in my personal life. Right now I don’t have much time to devote myself to a full-time schedule so I’m trying to find a place where I can land and appear. I can work on my side project along the way, having fun and entertaining people. “

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Adam Scherr talks about his encounter with AEW and what he’s been working on since he left WWE Adam Scherr talks about his encounter with AEW and what he’s been working on since he left WWE

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