Adorable wooden train set builder Tracks gets November release date on Switch • .net

And we’ve got a weather-focused update.

Developer Whoop Group’s Completely Attractive Sandbox Builder Tracks: Train Set Game has a Switch release date and will be pulled up to Nintendo’s platform on November 24th.

If you’re new to trucks, take inspiration from classic wooden train sets such as Brio and present players with a pile of adorable forged truck parts and landscape props, from bushes and buildings to cars and animals. To do. The diorama of their dreams.

Especially creative in nature, you can also create small musical dits with fireworks, shimmering lights for night sets, customizable fog and terrain, trackside bells and more.

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Truck-Toybox Edition Nintendo Switch announces trailer.

Tracking isn’t a game in the traditional sense, given that it abandons traditional goals and objectives to promote unhindered creativity, but it’s still a fun, immersive, blissful and graceful experience, and a track. Focuses on the simple pleasure of getting off and a little vigilant A chunk of time in a hypnotic haze of fine-tuning the landscape.

Tracks has obtained physical and digital releases of Switch in the form of Toybox Edition. This extends the focus of the countryside with new build options for the majority of core games, thanks to the Suburban and Sci-fi DLC packs designed to be added respectively. These quaint village settlements have a touch of urban grandeur and space-flavored pizza, originally released as a paid extension on Xbox One and PC.

As related news, the truck will leave the Xbox One and PC Game Pass on Saturday, November 14th. If you want to continue playing after your departure, you can purchase the game from the Xbox Store at a 40% discount until November 16th. This will reduce the price of the game to £ 10.04 instead of the usual £ 16.74.

In addition, Xbox and PC will receive a new weather-focused update next week. Introducing new sky customization options, new rain effects, and optimized save data for faster loading.


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