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Editor’s Note: Take a breath. It’s coming soon. 2020 is a pretty year and it’s almost over. During the festive break, team members and contributors will run their personal Top 5 games in 2020. Before that, we will announce this year’s game. Of course, we will give you the annual Reader’s Top. 50. Thank you for being with us this year and see you on the other side.

All the lists and reviews of 2020 you plan to read begin with the usual, expected, and natural anger about the complete stalemate that we all had to deal with individually and collectively. I will. And many of them tell us how grateful we all are for being able to enjoy the escapism offered by video games in this way. For me, five were particularly noticeable from the over 20 rough list.

Guildlings It made its debut at Apple Arcade at the end of last year and received enough updates to include it here in October.This is a fascinating and bright game about Coda stuck on an unruly smartphone and persuading sisters and friends to help release her with their special abilities. Save the world.. This includes working on kitchen appliances, crabs and garbage bags. These are because they can be a sensory obstacle while traveling. But you don’t use violence in this fantasy world. In fact, snide remarks are as useful as charging a character’s phone during a “combat”, as their sole purpose is to manage the mood of the Guildlings. It’s very refreshing and unlike anything else in recent memories, but it’s as fun as watching a weekend cartoon like a kid.

In contrast, Kentucky Route Zero The tone is different, but it’s magical. It begins with the simple story of an antique delivery driver last stopping at the state that bears its name. As you continue, you’ll meet characters that remind you of the time you spend with each other and elsewhere, creating a deep, dense world where conversations can easily fill a few books. We’ve talked about KRZ earlier about the politics, themes, and messages behind the rich layer. What I pay attention to is how our own politics is at a standstill, just as the characters in this game feel. For example, it’s tempting to offer wealthy people a return to higher marginal tax rates (try 60%?) Or make them unacceptable to improve environmental standards with better regulation. It is a target. This kind of thing about economics and social welfare is alluded to. And while our politics has become a culture war that consumes everything, many obedient working poor (who do not think of themselves) worship wealth happily, but only melancholy and necessary. It is surprising to see that it is drawn without all the anger and the helplessness of KRZ. This is a perfect reflection of the pathetic conditions we are facing today.

Both of their art styles are great and individually unique, but the 1930s sets have similarities. Call of the sea And trippy Story from Off-Peak City.. As Nora of the Call of the Sea, you sail to a mysterious island near Tahiti. And you are aware of some strange details of your husband’s recent journey there. At Tales, you’re tasked with stealing your precious saxophone in the pizzeria’s basement. Both of these stories are eerie and confusing, not only seeing the end, but not knowing where or what can be done. You can digest horror movies, but horror games are no longer playable with age. What I find equally scary, but more fascinating, is that the world becomes more strange as we unravel the mystery. Both of these games have this in spades and will almost certainly inspire many designers over the years to come.

The game that looks the most out of place here Aruba.. Ustwo worried me when I created two great Monument Valley games because I didn’t know how they would follow them. Obviously, I was stupid. Because last year’s Assembly with Care was so close to perfection and Alba was a very fun and entertaining adventure, you have to be malicious to hate it. As a young teenager Aruba spending her vacation in the Mediterranean with her grandparents, she is asked to take pictures of wildlife and explore a small island. But you soon come across a dolphin stuck on the beach. After gathering the elders for rescue, it is your new mission to help other animals and take care of the environment.

What all these options have in common is not that each offers the perfect digital adventure, but the story within it. Each begins with an optimistic journey in a new world or environment, takes us towards dark themes and serious tones, and robs us of our innocence along the way. As our world is squatting under a pandemic, this year we have unveiled snipers among different classes and groups of people about who and what is essential. But here it becomes even clearer how many rest video games are needed for many of us. It is good to take a long deep breath.


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