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Episode 82 AEW Dark Featuring a new finisher from Diamante, chemistry issues from Team Taz, and destruction from Miro.

Miro is a very hungry and very angry person. He competed with Kip Sabian in a warm-up with Baron Black and John Skyler. Penelope Ford was ringside. Milo talked to Black in front of Bell and blasted the man violently. Milo threw black on the guardrail. After that, Milo focused on dominating Skyler. Savian relaxed in an apron and chatted with the bride. He never played in the match. Miro ate a feast with a thrust kick and a game over camel clutch.

AEW Dark

After the victory, Miro shouted at the camera about eating the heart, liver, and intestines of Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor during the arcade anarchy match. dynamite.. He was angry that they were wasting their time. Hype the match with harsh but effective trash talk.

This is darkness A lineup of ratings (dynamite, competitive, showcase, squash) where the match is worth your time dynamite:

  • Butcher & Blade vs. Milk Chocolate (Showcase)
  • Jazmin Allure vs. Madi Wrenkowski (Showcase)
  • Chaos Project vs. Dean Alexander & Justin Lo (Showcase)
  • Sunny Kiss vs. Anhelico (competitive)
  • Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Colt Cabana vs. Valli Morales, Bill Collier, D3 (Showcase)
  • Adam Priest & KC Navarro vs. Jurassic Express (Squash)
  • Vipress vs. Diamante (Showcase)
  • Jake St. Patrick, Sage Scott, Chandler Hopkins vs. Team Taz (Squash)
  • Big Swole, Red Velvet, and Ki Lynn King vs. Ashley Vox, Delmi Exo, and Vertvixen (competitive)
  • Michael Nakazawa vs. Mike Magnum (Showcase)
  • Baron Black & John Skyler vs. Milo & Kip Sabian (Squash)
  • Max Caster vs. Alex Reynolds (Competitive)

Kiss vs. Angelico is my number one choice as a battle between agility and slavery. The women’s trio match was entertaining with a fierce fight. Reynolds fought the heart because he may have injured his arm. As for the story, Team Taz showed a more passive and aggressive attitude within the ranks, and Diamante used a new choke in preparation for Thunder Rosa.

Watch the show Here..

Excalibur teamed up with Taz and called for action. Anthony Ogogo and Leva Bates stopped by to participate in the commentary. Justin Roberts was a ring announcer.

Butcher & Blade broke milk chocolate. Matt Hardy, Bunny and the private party were ringside. Whenever there is a slight momentum in milk chocolate, the Hardy Empire will be distracting. Hardy slammed Brandon Watts on the timekeeper table. Butcher and Blade melted milk chocolate in Watt’s Teamwork Power Bomb Neckbreaker for victory.

Maddy Lenkowski defeated Jazzmin Allure. Lever Bates was in the commentary. She is salty to her current rivals. Wrenkowski gathered for a spinning side slam and an ax kick to pin the Allure.

The Chaos Project defeated Dean Alexander & Justin Lo. When in the ring, Luther was dominated by slums and suplexes. A hot tag to Luther leads to the Teamwork Meteora Spine Buster Finisher for Chaos Project.

Angelico defeated Sunny Kiss. Jack Evans and Joey Janella were ringside. Evans became physically involved in the punch, and Janella drove him away before further damaging the kiss. Angelico used her veteran knowledge to win. He pulled the kiss off the rope between the steps and snatched for the submission of the Navarodes Roll.

Maxcaster made a behind-the-scenes promotion of the match against Alex Reynolds. Anthony Bowens is back and watching the dark order creeping on the caster’s back. The casters put a mark to show why everyone loves rave reviews.

Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and Colt Cabana defeated Vali Morales, Bill Collier and D3. Dark Order had a hard time dealing with Collier’s strength, but they were able to defeat small enemies. The Dark Order cleared the ring with a big move for Cabana to pin the D3 from the Chicago skyline.

Jurassic Express defeated Adam Priest and KC Navarro. Lucha Saurus and Marko Stunt represented the Jurassic Express in the ring, and the Jungle Boy was outside for support. After the stunts styled at speed, Lucha Saurus soon ended the match with a double chokeslam.

Diamante defeated Bipress. La Sicaria turned the tide by blocking the kick and smashing the Vipress with an apron. Returning to the ring, three straight clotheslines paved the way for a straitjacket chalk with body scissors.

Team Taz defeated Jake St. Patrick, Sage Scott and Chandler Hopkins. The hook was ringside. Ricky Starks had some problems early on. When Brian Cage reached out for the tag, Starks deliberately claps with Will Hobbes instead. Hobbes rampaged. Hook was also involved in the floor gut wrench suplex. Hobbs is intended for tagging with Cage. The machine was a bit slow, so Starks intercepted Hobbs’ offer. I played rock-paper-scissors, but the cage tagged it. Drill Claw has completed the victory. Team Taz celebrated Starks trying to play cool, but was clearly frustrated.

Big Swole, Red Velvet, and Ki Lynn King defeated Ashley Vox, Delmi Exo, and Vertvixen. The winner hit Vertvixen with a roundhouse kick by King, a rolling elbow by Swol, and a spin kick by velvet, and finally took over the events before and after.

After the match, Jade Cargill went on stage and shouted at Velvet. No physical action took place in the encounter.

Michael Nakazawa defeated Mike Magnum. Nack wrestled in an office outfit. The contest had a comedy taste. Nakazawa recovered from DDT and a neckbreaker to escape the firefighter’s carry position. He pulled the referee in front of the charging Magnum and then hit his opponent with a laptop. The climax was the gravestone Piledriver on the 69 cover.

Max Caster defeats Alex Reynolds. The caster rapped about Reynolds hiding the bald spot and running the train on a dark order. Anthony Bowens and John Silver were ringside. Reynolds may have legally injured his arm in a crossbody in flight. He refrained from using it as much as possible for the rest of the match. The caster went to work because of his weakness. Despite the pain, Reynolds fought with fire and desire. Bowens saved the caster by putting his foot on the rope to break the pin from the pop-up knee strike. Reynolds was at high risk and missed Moonsault Press. The caster regained his boombox, but Silver grabbed it. Behind the referee’s back, Caster wrapped his fist in his gold chain to attack Reynolds. Flying Elbow Drop has won W.

A simple idea of ​​the week. Diamante’s fierce strangler fig pumped me for her brewed beef with Thunder Rosa.I like to see wrestlers make new moves darkness.. This is a good platform for expanding offensive weapons. Diamante will need all the tricks that can be collected to defeat Thunder Rosa.

Taz sings together Jungle Boy Theme Will continue to be my favorite part of darkness.. I was able to hear Taz’s super cut crouching in a loop. Bidley, Ba, Ba.

Bill Collier looked sharp with force movements after a beating from Jon Moxley on Dark: altitude..I want to see him more darkness..

Ashley Vox had her name on the big screen, so she may be in the store for more frequent roles. Delmi Exo is her sister and tag team partner. They will be a good addition to run at lower levels of AEW.

Share your thoughts about darkness.. Who was the most prominent in Episode 82? Which was your favorite match?

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AEW Dark Summary (March 30, 2021): Miro wants to eat her heart AEW Dark Summary (March 30, 2021): Miro wants to eat her heart

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