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AEW Dynamite (December 23, 2020) Originated from the Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. At the show, the main event’s fresh meat, Inner Circle drama, and Sting are back in the jungle.

Get involved in everything dynamite Excellent detail Live results and live commentary From Claire Elizabethan.

There weren’t many big moments in this episode, but there was one person who guaranteed pop. A man called Sting!


Tony Schiavone interviewed Sting in the ring. Sting reiterated that it feels great to go around the jungle at TNT. Sting took a break from Dusty Rhodes and continued to spy on how to help him in the main event match against Ric Flair. Seeing Cody Rhodes performing AEW, Sting wanted to lead the prosecution. Just as Schiavone opened Sting to deal with Darby Allin, Team Taz interrupted..

Taz was tired of Sting sticking his nose into their work. The crew stood still towards the ring by violently attacking their minds. Off. It lights up. Darby Allin had a skateboard in his hand to stand side by side with Sting with a reliable black bat.

Team Taz was happy to cool the jet and wait for Brian Cage to challenge Arin for the TNT title on January 6th. However, Cage still wanted to fight. He had to be calm and escorted.The scene ended with Sting and Arin A gaze reminiscent of Larry David on Suppress your enthusiasm..

Has Sting finally made progress? Yeah, not so much. Does this look from Sting still have an electrical feel? Yes, sure. At least this week, it’s done better to give Sting a reason to keep us connected.

Ricky Starks continues to shine during his promotion. I also like cages to be offended. He has been in the back burner for too long. It’s time for the cage to release his anger. He needs to get angry next week and destroy some property. Please remind me to spit in anticipation of the title battle.

Jam the rest dynamite..

Chris Jericho and MJF defeated the top flight. Jake Hager was ringside. The top flight was too fast and nimble for Jericho and MJF to handle early. The Inner Circle took over after MJF sucked one Martin brother into the clothesline by Jericho on the floor. Top Flight had a hot tag moment to clean the house with smooth movements. In the end, Hager’s presence benefited when he pulled one of the Martin brothers away from the apron. MJF swooped in to win the heat seeker Piledriver.

A high quality outing from the top flight. They had teamwork, fluidity, and cojoons to confront the sexy hooligans.I didn’t expect the top flight to win, but they did show that they belonged dynamite.. Jericho and MJF also worked well together. You can also watch them raise the rank of the tag team and extend the life of the inner circle.

Inner circle drama. The soap opera didn’t stop when the Inner Circle tag match was over.Jake Hager grabs the mic Challenge War Draw next week. He was angry that Wardrow wasn’t in charge of his share. Hager understands that Wardrow is an asset, but considers Wardrow to be a dislike.

Hos Fight Deluxe? Yes, please. I think the first fight will help bring these two enforcers closer together.

The emotional MJF then deepened ties with Santana over the recent loss of a loved one. Santana embraced MJF with a handshake, a hug, and the wisdom to keep her head up. Ortiz also waved MJF’s hand.

It was the most interesting scene of the night. MJF is so capricious that I always want to believe he’s no good, but the feelings felt real. Santana responded perfectly in the role of her big brother. If the MJF eventually strips the inner circle from Jericho, we’ll probably look back at this moment as the beginning of the Machiavellian project.

Jurassic Express defeated Colt Cabana 5 or 10. The jungle boy had a hot tag to get rid of the dark order. Lucas Ars pushed Marco Stunts out of the ring to Cabana and 10, and the dinosaur and his boy finished 5 with a combo power bomb.

This was an interesting match with lots of flashy movements. My favorite moment was that Cabana inflated her chest into struts. It was humorous, but it never left the flow of action. Lucasaurus is very good at cleaning the house. It’s generally the same routine, and I always jump on the power of his kicks and the agility of his standing Moonsault.

Jurassic Express has won a solid Baby Face victory to give momentum to the fight against the FTR. Speaking of FTR, they challenged Lucasaurus and Jungle Boy on January 6th. The FTR is working on a personal quest to regain the tag title. Tully Blanchard threatened to harm the stunt if it was involved.

PAC defeated Butcher. Blade, Bunny and Pentagon were ringside, and Eddie Kingston explained. It’s nice to hear Tony Schiavone take no more guffs and become Kingston and Lippy, but I think that might end with Schiavone receiving 5 across his face. Butcher had new gear in black leather trousers with a red waist sash.

Butcher hit the PAC early. PAC is back with a kick. In the Black Arrow setup, the blade pushed the Pentagon into the ring post, causing the PAC to become unbalanced. Butcher struck a huge clothesline, side slam, and power bomb. The PAC was kicked out of the pin. Butcher argued with the referee and got stuck in getting rid of the PAC. Kingston left a commentary to shout Butcher to act quickly. Lance Archer came out to block the road in Kingston. PAC took advantage of the distraction to win a mawashi geri and a black arrow flying attack.

Archer then chatted with PAC. The topic didn’t seem to get in the way of Archer, so he can beat Kingston.

Wedding day. Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford Tie a knot February 3rd Beach Break Themed Episode dynamite.. Milo pretended to be Best Friends and trolled us, and Orange Cassidy intended to ruin the announcement. Instead, the camera showed that Trent was loaded into an ambulance. It was implied that Milo did the damage.

I admit I fell hard for the best guy trick. I first turned to what looked like an incomplete interruption, as expected, and then smiled when the tactics became apparent. It was better for Miro to deliberately block Schiavone with his camera.

Dustin Rhodes defeats Evil Uno. Lee Johnson and Ste Grayson were ringside. Before the bell rings, Uno slammed Rhodes all over his face. The match proceeded as a slow physical conflict. Dustin won with a running bulldog.

After that, Uno knelt down and tried to get Rhodes to participate in the Dark Order. Dustin turned the bird over after making fun of the handshake. Grayson attacked, Johnson failed to save, QT Marshall rushed into the cold cock, and Johnson cleared the ring with a drop kick on the springboard.

Rhodes did business as he said. Move on to take out another member of the Dark Order. I think this is Grayson. It was nice to see Johnson shining when a tall man was standing. He pays enough membership fees and can use a little promotion for his status.

Repackage? Shawn Spears sat down with Schiavone to discuss his current position. The spear threw black gloves aside. Although he believes he is more talented than 95% of the roster, there is still a glass ceiling above him. The spear left WWE for that reason. Now he feels the same thing that is happening to him at AEW.

I’m completely confused by this interview. The content and delivery were ok. I laughed at Spears blaspheming Schiavone. The question arises whether this is another repackage of Spears. Why does he need it? Did he throw away his gloves and throw away Blanchard? How about Scorpio Sky?Did the feud end when Spears were there? Thrown into the wall??

Hikaru Shida defeated Alex Gracia. Abaddon ambushed Shida behind the scenes. The champion got angry and worked on Gracia. Shida beat the ghoul as Abaddon appeared on the ringside. She barely returned to the ring with 10 Count. Shida won the Falcon Allose Lamb. After that, Shida stabbed Abaddon with a kendo stick.Zombies Biting Shida around the neck..

The skirmish was strange and wild, so I enjoyed it. Don’t be surprised, this is from Lucha Underground fans. It was intense for Abaddon to devour Shida’s neck. I loved the blood spurting in the aftermath. This was a great way to build the excitement of feuds, as Abaddon is not very skilled in the ring. I can’t wait for the championship battle next week. I hope it brings more buzz. I also hope that Shida will not be a zombie himself. In other words, it’s a rule of being bitten by zombies, right?

The Young Bucks broke rave reviews. Tag straps were lined up. Bucks treated the young man like fresh meat through a grinder. The rave reviews showed the spirit of fighting and the willingness to win at any cost. After Nick Jackson’s inadvertent superkick referee Rick Knox, Max Caster did a hacky sack on Nick’s pouch. Anthony Bowens broke a boombox on Nick’s head. There were countless preliminary referees, but Nick remained alive. Matt Jackson destroyed Bowens with a power bomb through the table, and the BTE trigger on the casters ended the match. Bucks remains the champion.

There were lots of flippy dips in this contest and there was a great moment that Bucks fans started to enjoy. I felt the referee spot was overbooking, but overall it was an interesting contest. Rave showed their potential and clearly defined themselves as villains. They should have a bright future at AEW. We really want Acclaimed and Top Flight to be career rivals.

Note: The acclaimed person aired a music video that aired The Young Bucks.

Acclaimed almost wrapped the road to the main event ring.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis Shared their thoughts About next week’s World Title Defense against Fenix. Omega pointed out that Phoenix has a history of choking. When the phone rings, Omega answers the phone and wins the belt. When Phoenix answers, he trips on his leg and gets hurt.

Jade Cargill congratulated Brandi Rhodes on her motherhood.But it seems really useful Brandy is pregnant To prevent a match between the two. AEW should find Jade the right person for his time. Jade’s promotion was a bit rocky, but it was nice to have her face on the screen to keep the story fresh.

Show Stud: Top Flight

My favorite maneuver in the evening came from the top flight when the momentum of the sunset reversal caused Jericho to throw his brother over the rope for a shell to the MJF.

I especially like the touch of Dante Martin, who grabs Jericho’s ankle. This made the sequence look rational and didn’t feel like Jericho was waiting.

Show Unexploded Ordnance: Butcher

The Butcher vs. PAC finish was terrible. This idea makes sense as a way to bring Archer to the field, but it took a lot of time to implement. Butcher looked silly because he wasted unexplained time when he stopped PAC. In my opinion, that behavior doesn’t fit the character at all. Butchers are usually very efficient when looking at prizes.

Grade: B-

Solid match of the lower layer dynamite.. It provided a good exposure to the young crew. All the character works and promotions were intriguing. The story continues to unfold slowly, but seems to be gaining momentum towards the New Year.

Share your thoughts about dynamite.. How would you rate it? Who stole the show?

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AEW Dynamite Summary and Reaction (December 23, 2020): Jungle AEW Dynamite Summary and Reaction (December 23, 2020): Jungle

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