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AEW Dynamite (October 16, 2021) Emitted from James L. Night Center in Miami, Florida. At the show on Saturday night, FTR won the AAA tag title from Lucha Brothers, Sting was an icon, and Hangman Page was the most important promotion of his career to date.

Get involved in everything dynamite Excellent detail For each play From Claire Elizabethan.

Cowboy shit

After winning the Casino Ladder Match last week, Hangman Page will challenge Kenny Omega to the AEW World Championship. Full gear November 13th PPV. Hangman addressed the crowd for the best moments of the show. His speech was so strong that it could be a promotion that defined his career. I can say that Hangman is still young and ready for greatness. Who knows that other epic moments unfold throughout his career?

See promotion.

The hanged executioners were all about cowboy shit. Through trials and hardships, he lost confidence in himself. For some reason, he didn’t lose fan support. Hangman explored his evolution as a person by delving into the cowboy’s shit.

Cowboy shit is about returning to horses to ride again. The cowboy shit is about sticking his neck out for his dark order friend who did the same for him. Cowboy shit is about having Cojones to take a break during his hot run for the birth of his boy.

Hangman finally believes in himself. He promises to give fans tears to his heart, soul, blood, sweat, and maybe Omega. Regardless of the outcome, Hangman promised cowboy shit.

It was money.Hangman promotion Tough times The level of his personal story. Using the cowboy shit theme in so many different ways shows his struggle throughout this journey. The key to me was to tackle his self-confidence. It has always been a big question mark. There’s nothing to prevent Hangman from maximizing his potential, as it doesn’t get in the way. With that closing promise, I wanted to stand up and cheer.

Lucha libre scandal

The scandal is in the world of lucha libre. Phoenix and the Pentagon were set up to protect the AAA tag title from Andrade’s two masked friends. The surprise turned out to be an FTR in a cheap Lucador outfit. What’s more, Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood won the belt, ending the 853 day reign of Lucha Bros.

It didn’t take long for Lucha Brothers to ruin the Super Lanus Charade.

The match itself felt like a showcase of cool moves from Lucha Brothers, including teamwork pop-up springboard drop kicks.

Tully Blanchard changed the course of FTR by distracting Harwood to cheat on the championship belt. Harwood attacked Phoenix when he launched Moonsault Press. Brainbuster put the phoenix for 1, 2 and 3.

Thankfully, AEW explained the relationship between Andrade and the FTR later in the show. Andrade handed cash to MJF to allow the use of Pinnacle.

This is a mixed bag reaction. On the other hand, the story is a little interesting. The FTR has rushed into the title shot and is now winning more gold. Why can’t I boo those guys? On the other hand, I am not completely satisfied. Lucha Brothers lost in a flashy way.It makes AAA bookings cheaper, it Set a dream match 1 week ago. It’s probably AAA’s fault, as they agreed with this. It may have been their own idea. It makes Andrade look like a blow by not actually bringing in friends. AEW fixed it throughout the story, but deliberately built a hype for fans to guess and failed to deliver. Andrade’s story about Death Triangle may have to stall until AEW can seduce Los Ingobernable.

Jam the rest dynamite..

Malakai Black defeated Dante Martin. Black moved his legs to slow down Martin’s athletic arsenal. Martin was still working on different springboards with different results. Eventually, Martin was pulled and attempted a one-legged springboard attack. After dodging Black, he hit with a vicious head kick. Black was slow to cover, but that wasn’t a problem. Martin was out. Pin it and beat Black. Maracay paid homage when leaving the area.

It was a nifty match. Black demonstrated his ability to formulate a strategy and execute it with passion. Martin’s heart was strong, but it may have overshadowed his decision not to change his routine. This is one of the long-term series I would like Darby Allin to explore in the end to overcome Cody Rhodes.

Lio Rush was ringside in favor of Martin. He was modest. It was a little hard to see him from time to time as the black rush sweatshirt blended into the black apron on the guardrail. The commentary explained how to advise Martin to change his strategy from high flying after his knee pain became apparent. After the defeat, Rush folded his arms in dissatisfaction.

Later behind the scenes, Rush explained that Martin needed the pain of these growing failures to succeed in the future. If you listen to Rio, everything will be money. To make that happen, Rush volunteered to become Dante’s new tag partner. Martin reluctantly accepted.

I don’t know where Rush is heading in this story, but he’s getting my attention. Imagine Rush vs. Martin in a single action. They move so fast that AEW needs slow-motion replays just to get them to normal speed for the viewer.

Inner Circle reunion. My best friends were disturbed by Dan Lambert, Men of the Year, and the American Top Team. Jericho wanted 10 tags, but Lambert has a Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page championship plan. He was aiming for Samigebara’s TNT title as a leverage to agree to a tag match. Sammy was a game, but Lambert will reveal his terms next week.

It’s good to see Gebara claiming to be a TNT champion. He has momentum towards a true breakthrough to stardom. Gebara needs to squeeze as much juice as possible from the title run to establish himself as a maid man. With Paige VanZant’s involvement, I wonder if the Inner Circle will welcome an honorary member to handle her. AEW does not do much gender violence, so we do not expect one of the core inner circles to offer a reward for Van Zandt.

John Moxley defeats Wheeler Utah. Mox hit Utah for a quick win through a paradigm shift. Moxley immediately left the ring. Orange Cassidy worried about his companions and turned to Mox when he left. OC seems to want Moxley.

There is no nonsense performance from Moxley. He looks ready to steam anyone in the way. After the Casino Ladder Match, one of the matchups I was interested in was Moxley vs. Cassidy. And now it seems that AEW is making it happen. thank you! I’m going to give a thumbs up, but I don’t want to give the impression that I’m rooting for OC. Drink whiskey instead.

The Young Bucks and Adam Cole defeated Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds and John Silver. Fliptastic’s feat was in every respect, but it was comedy that made the game memorable. Uno used Nick Jackson’s own socks to put him in the socks with his mandibular claws.

When the elite went to the kissing gimmick, Reynolds and Silver pulled Bucks out of the ring, ran a rope, and kissed Cole on his cheek. It was especially interesting if Reynolds and Silver were following BTE trying to make friends with Cole with a stupid skit.

After all, the elite was a better team. Double Superkick, Panama Sunrise, BTE Trigger, and Running Knee flattened Reynolds for Cole to pin.

This match can be a show stealer, depending on your taste. I’m biased towards Black vs. Martin, but the six tags show that the case is being made with great excitement. The pace didn’t stop and the comedy moment was really interesting.

Early in the show, the Jungle Boy and Lucasaurus were attacked by the elite. The dinosaurs were triple power bombed through the table. After six men, JB rushed into the ring and attacked Cole. The elite went crazy, so the jungle boy had to be happy to lock Brandon Cutler into the snare trap submission while spraying the elite aerosol into his eyes.

With a small crossover to the women’s division, Anna Jay was interrupted by Dr. Britt Baker DMD dumping the Dark Order in the trash and calling the elite. When the skirmish happened, Jay responded with a punch.

This is a great add-on to the Jungle Boy vs. Call feud. Both of these women have a romantic relationship with their male counterparts. The AEW world feels more complete when such things are recognized indirectly or directly.

It’s Sting! MJF went to the ring requesting a match against Darby Allin. MJF called him a brave coward because Arin wasn’t there because of the Pinnacle Mask beatdown last week. MJF forced referees to count up to 10. At 9 o’clock, it’s Sting! MJF pushed Wardrow from Stinger to practice batting. MJF refused to engage and divide with the scene.

AEW is really good at drawing mileage from these “It’s Sting!” moment. It became a bit unstable due to repeated interruptions in the promotion, but they found a sweet spot that would make Sting bad without aging. In the case of MJF, he continued to put pressure on him to see Arin kick his ass.

Penelope Ford defeated Kiera Hogan. The hand spring cutter paved the way for Ford’s victory in the Mutalock submission. After that, Ruby Soho made a bee line to hit Ford.

Fun effort from women. As a Hogan fan, I’m glad to see her taking time in a competitive match at the Big Show.

Brian Danielson defeated Bobby Fish. Danielson was put into the rough house early on until he gained strength. At the finish, both men had Niebuhr and used free legs to kick each other’s faces. Danielson applied a grape heel hook to make the exchange better and tap the fish.

The physique of the main event was tenacious. The fish worked in many attacks. His Super Falcon Arrow was a powerful moment. After each of the three Fish matches at AEW, he wants me more. Danielson’s American Dragon Persona is a beast. It’s clear how much he enjoys digging into that style.

# 1 candidate tournament. The world title eliminator bracket has been released. 10 vs. Moxley, Cassidy vs. Wilhobs, Dustin Rhodes vs. Danielson, Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston.

The first round is a bit weak in terms of predictability. I think Moxley, Cassidy and Danielson are shoe-ins. Leaning on Archer from Kingston. Moxley and Danielson are the most popular in the finals. At least, a lot of drama is needed, especially if Hangman Page wins the AEW World Championship and refreshes the title photo again.

Note: CM Punk came out for a commentary to start the show. He provided witty remarks and keen knowledge.

The change in attitude of Serena Deeb is the result of having to raise the women’s division to her level. boom! Hikaru Shida blinded Dive and continued to beat each other.

Cody Rhodes was taken to the gym by Arn Anderson for a tough ring drill. The red velvet slapped Cody because he was arrogant. During training, Cody rang the bell. KiLynn King also slammed Cody over his face. Cody was enough. Earn revealed his message that Malakai Black would use violence against him, and Cody needs to bring about a ferocious inner fire as Dusty Rhodes did in the past. Excellent vignette. See if you’re involved in this story or if you just want to laugh at Cody being slapped.

Milo is back with another great promotion. He has lost faith in his god. Why give him a granite body with a sand neck? Milo will redeem himself, and it will be his God for forgiveness.

Show Stud: Hangman Page

Cowboy shit.

Show Dad: Super Lanas

AEW has a great track record with surprises, but this was a mistake. Keep an eye on the fake Lucador.

Grade: B +

dynamite I did a solid action in various styles. This week’s episode was excellent in promotional games. In the Hangman Page, Cody Rhodes, and Miro segments, I wanted to see the replay as soon as the show was over. AEW is also doing a good job with a simple weekly build to raise interest in future matches.

Share your thoughts about dynamite.. How would you rate it? Who stole the show?

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AEW Dynamite Summary and Reactions (October 16, 2021): Cowboys *** AEW Dynamite Summary and Reactions (October 16, 2021): Cowboys ***

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