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AEW Dynamite (February 2, 2022) Emitted from Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois. At the show, MJF and CM Punk eventually fought one-on-one, Bryan Danielson made an interesting proposal to Jon Moxley, and Lance Archer made a fuss ahead of the world title battle with Hangman Page.

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Better than punk

It’s official. MJF is better than CM Punk, and you know it.

MJF and Punk met at the main event in front of a partisan Chicago crowd. With the opening bell ringing with 40 minutes remaining on the air, they had their work cut out to run a compelling contest that deserves our attention. What they did with creative workarounds to maximize the drama.

The first act of this play began with Punk defeating MJF from pillar to pillar. Punk landed a seesaw punch with enthusiastic cheers.

MJF has done its best to make space for recovery. He pinched his eyes, took a clean break, rolled out of the ring, and ran up the stairs. Punk was in charge of the body slam, not denied the satisfaction of relieving his pain.

When the punk rushed into the ring post, the flow shifted in favor of the MJF. MJF focused on punk injured arm injuries. Punk eradicated his pain to hit the stride of his last operation. He served a flying crossbody, a punch, a neckbreaker, a knee running in a corner, and a bulldog on a plate. MJF has rolled out smartly from the ring to avoid GTS. Punk suppressed his anger at the Pepsi Twist clothesline.

Fifteen minutes into the match, the story went in a strange direction. As the punk rushed forward, MJF disturbed referee Bryce Lensberg. Finkel used that distraction to pull the hanging out of his tights. MJF used a rope weapon to strangle the puncture and disguised himself as a sleeping car to hide the object. The punk was shockingly fainted. MJF has been declared the winner.

Not so fast, my friend. When Lensberg raised MJF’s hand, a foreign object fell on the mat. The referee corrected the injustice and resumed the match.

After those Shenanigans, there was still about 20 minutes left for the show. Later in the match, Punk was connected by a suicide dive, but in the process twisted his knees. Punk was in great trouble with both injuries on his left side. It visibly hindered his ability to complete the submitted game and his signature GTS finisher. Punk’s fighting spirit was shining when he landed the Pepsi Plunge Double Underhook Facebuster from the turnbuckle.

Unfortunately, the punk was so painful that MJF was able to roll out of the ring to avoid the cover. Punk regained control with a roundhouse kick and a flying elbow drop. MJF redeployed when Punk offended the crowd for GTS.

This time, Wardlow announced his existence. The big guy, whether he supported MJF or turned on his boss, he was nervous and came down to the ring. Wardrow stood facing Punk and then took a step forward. He seemed to mean that Wardlow wouldn’t interfere. Oh, how wrong was that assumption? MJF clocked a puncture with a dynamite diamond ring to win.

In the aftermath, the replay showed that Wardrow handed the foreign body wisely. MJF sat cross-legged in the ring and immersed himself in his success.

In a 40-minute match, MJF and Punk performed a fascinating show. They caught my attention for most of the match. The finish of the first cheating was a good impact trick. It also had the real purpose of keeping the story fresh. Opinions are divided on the finish of the second cheating. After seeing these two gladiators competing for a long time, I really wanted to see which was the better man. It turned out to be an MJF, but with an asterisk. I loved the first instance because MJF did it for me. The second example was a cheap backup plan that focused on Wardlow rather than the actual finish.

I have to give a lot of credit for Wardrow’s sneakyness about his help. He played all of us for the fools. It’s clear that Wardlow still finds MJF unpleasant as an employer, but he paid.

If AEW chooses to go in that direction, the feud is ripe for a rematch. If not, MJF should be close to a world title battle.

Superstar Alliance?

The most shocking moment of the night came in favor of Bryan Danielson. American Dragon has made an intriguing proposal to Jon Moxley.

Moxley’s night began with a single action against Wheeler Utah to open the show. Orange Cassidy and Danhausen are ringside to support Utah, and they provided a gentle pastime to help their friends.

The story was that Utah performed better in a rematch after being wiped out compared to Moxley in the past. Utah was sly to record the attack, but Moxley was too sturdy for the boy. Mox is also a veteran savvy, so he has taken a strategic step forward on several exchanges. Utah’s momentum disappeared when Moxley countered Kazadra against the sleeping car. It set a lasso and a vicious elbow strike for a paradigm shift finish for Moxley to win.

Later, Danielson appeared in the ring when Moxley was celebrating. Danielson wasn’t looking for a war. Instead, he came with peace of mind looking for a partner. Danielson realized that they should fight together. Danielson drew a fascinating picture of running AEW, winning the desired championship and teaching young people to the next generation. Danielson wanted Moxley to think about it.

I would be ridiculous. It was an outstanding group of storytelling. Danielson made a great presentation. He said fans didn’t like him, but they want to see him unite with Moxley. I was very keen on this feud towards a PPV clash, but now I’m completely obsessed with the idea of ​​a stable led by Danielson and Moxley. The possibilities are intriguing. Danielson named Utah, Daniel Garcia, and Remo Moriarty as potential companions. Yes, yes, and yes. It is believed that all prospects on the roster will strongly consider accepting the offer to join them. Moxley’s reaction was hard to read. I saw the reaction on his face on the side that was a bit exaggerated to come across as he smelled random.

Jam the rest dynamite..

Paige VanZant is back. Brandi Rhodes was disturbed by Dan Lambert. The insult was exchanged for the worst-cased poor Ethan Page. Brandy claimed to have been signed as a way to get Josh Alexander on board. Lambert made a sexual joke and Brandy slapped him. Paige VanZant came out to protect his coach and start a skirmish with Brandy. The women’s changing room was emptied to separate the two.

I filed this segment in a very bad category and made it a good category. I didn’t know what was happening in the story, but I always smiled. When VanZant came out, it all made sense. Her physical problem with the Inner Circle was that there was no angle of resurrection. Put Brandy in the mix and continue the feud between the American Top Team and the Nightmare Family. She is perfect for participating in the sports entertainment spectacle for Van Zandt.

Malakai Black & Brody King defeated PAC & Pentagon. Although he was in control of the Death Triangle, King pushed the PAC out of the turnbuckle and crashed into the floor. Black spewed black mist on Penta’s face and ended with teamwork Dante’s Inferno Slam.

An exciting match with fast-paced action and flashy movements. The contest began with PAC blindfolding, anticipating Black’s attack to provide a counter, and revealing what he could see. It was a neat homage to the blind master character from the martial arts movie. Unique moments set the tone of a fun match. It is interesting that PAC’s vision has been restored, and the Pentagon will be on the injured list with blurred vision. The Death Triangle needs to return to the drawing board to evoke the ultimate defense against the black fog. Perhaps they can ask Papa Shango for advice.

Nyla Rose defeats Ruby Soho. The native beast went down after the no-future kick finisher, but Vickie Guerrero put her client’s foot on the rope to break the pin. At once, Naira blocked the no-future kick and crushed Soho with Flying Senton and Beast Bomb to win.

This game was a sloppy side, but those movements worked well and gave a big impact. The story of power-to-heart has always been fascinating. Soho’s courage brought excitement. This was a valuable victory for Naira to remain a horrifying iron ball within the division.

Note: Matt Hardy was disappointed that the private party couldn’t win the tag title, but called on Lee Ji-ah Cassidy to open up Sammy Guevara’s TNT Championship. Marc Quen wanted a match, but he was punished for taking a pin in last week’s defeat. Hardy was also interested when Andrade signed Darby Allin and AHFO. Andrade argued that it was a simple matter of more money.

Adam Cole is still undefeated. The loss of his lightout to Orange Cassidy has not been approved and is not counted in his record.Cole feels he hasn’t shown the level of respect he deserves, so he shows a new dimension to the evil Uno. Rampage.. Cole will now take what he wants.

The gun club surrounded the jungle boy behind the scenes. He tried to attack, but Billy Gunn packed his progress. Austin Gunn and Cortengan defeated JB on a snow-covered street in Chicago. With the advent of Christian Cage and Lucasaurus, the Gun Club escaped. I love using the outside environment to enhance the scene. That little touch helps them feel that their world is more realistic and unpredictable.

Hangman Page didn’t want to wait for next week’s Texas Deathmatch with AEW World Championship Lance Archer. The cowboy was now feeling itchy because of the fight. Dan Lambert and Jake Roberts moved their mouths before Archer stepped into the ring. Hangman has started a suicide dive. Lambert grabbed the chair, but Hangman caught him. It allowed Archer to defeat the champion behind in the chair. Archer continued to decimate his enemies with a chokeslam to the ring step and a power outage through the timekeeper table.

Chris Jericho requested an Inner Circle team meeting next week. He is required to attend. He felt that Santana and Ortiz acted rudely to him last week, and he wants to hear why.

Show Stade: Lance Archer

Archer’s abuse on the Hangman page has sold me hard about the possibility of a title change next week. My mind says no to me, but my body says yes. I think Archer has almost no chance of becoming a World Champion next week, but Murder Hawk Monster has opened the door to believe. When Archer is destroying Hangman with violence, it’s easy to get lost in the emotions of the match.

Night Match: MJF vs CM Punk

Drama, action, a corner for me to keep guessing.

Grade: B +

AEW has created a mood that frequently promotes the main event. By the time MJF and CM Punk grabbed the ring, it felt like a spectacular event. The rest of the show provided quality action in the ring, along with a promotional agenda.

Share your thoughts about dynamite.. How would you rate it? Who stole the show?

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AEW Dynamite Summary and Response (February 2, 2022): Better than Punk AEW Dynamite Summary and Response (February 2, 2022): Better than Punk

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