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Do you have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? please do not worry. Covered by AEW Rewind. This rewinds social media bits and YouTube videos from last week. Prepare you for Wednesday night dynamite..

“Road to New Year’s Smash Night 2” featured Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage at the TNT Championship, Serena Deeb vs. Tyconti at the NWA World Women’s Championship, and Eddie Kingston at the PAC.

The video package is a good way to hype the battle. Conti’s focus was on her martial arts skills and whether the Dark Order would play a beneficial role. Anna Jay claimed that they were just a support system. For PAC and Kingston, it’s about athletes against fighters. Kingston is undoubtedly a tougher guy.

Arin is talking about a big match for a match with Cage. He guarantees that the fight is crazy and no one will forget.

AEW has a high crazy benchmark, but I tend to believe the guy. Given Arin’s crazy stunt tendencies, I’d love to see how wild antiques that fit his definition of madness are done.

Milo is excited to make Chuck Taylor his boy. Miro pointed out how stupid Chuck is to not demand any provisions even if Miro loses. It shows that Chuck really wants to be Milo’s servant.

Cody Rhodes is making fun of something shocking by appearing in Dr. Britt Baker’s talk show tonight. Your guess is as good as mine.

Lance Archer may have killed a small animal. Or maybe he had a haircut.

Kenny Omega hosted 2.Show (here) Work with Kip Sabian to reveal updated details of the AEW video game. There is no release date for console games yet. It may be next year or the following year. OMEGA emphasized that it wants the game to be fun and long lasting. He doesn’t want to do it in a hurry and there are bugs everywhere. It has a player creation function and an online battle play function. The gameplay style is an arcade speed with submissions like movement, counter system, and simulation, and I feel like I really control the wrestler.OMEGA also shared the story of having Hideyuki Iwashita “Geta” participate in the project.

For mobile games, the general manager game has a gimmick system with weapons that affect the outcome of the match. Omega made fun of casino games being available within 60 days.

For a glimpse of AEW’s potential future stars, Cody Rhodes’ Nightmare Factory Showcase (here) On YouTube. A one-hour show featuring a single bout of talent training at Nightmare Factory. Most wrestlers participated in the first match.

Speaking of the Nightmare family, Cody glanced at the proposal to add Aaron Solow to the mix.

Being an elite

“The band is back together”-being an elite, Ep. 238 (here) Feature:

  • The Young Bucks chatted with Good Brothers after the Brett Club reunion dynamite.. Luke Gallows was so excited that he masturbated in the bathroom. Matt Jackson asked if they could trust the Good Brothers. Nick Jackson felt the betrayal was real when Good Brothers went to WWE and resigned. Everyone was happy with the explanation and ended with Too Sweet.
  • Bucks prepared behind the scenes before going out for wrestling. After the match, Nick’s legs were checked out in the trainer room. Due to an injury, Asai Moonsault Press could not be performed during the contest.
  • Marco Stunt wanted Leva Bates to tell the truth about getting Kip Sabian to win him.
  • Dark Order was angry with the 5 New Year’s Eve party smoking. They shared the resolution. John Silver wants to win his best kiss award from Emilio Estevez. Colt Cabana wants to get over his dad’s gimmicks. Anna Jay wants to be better with Stu Grayson. Stu said he would stop throwing himself at walls and furniture. Evil Uno wants to wrestle with Jim Duggan. Alex Reynolds wants a terrible tagline. 10 should stop gambling (like he did the cocaine line). 5 wants to be cooler. The crew counted down the New Year, after which the Hangman page came out from behind the curtain informing them that it was only December 27th.
  • The private party and Matt Hardy had a great night to celebrate. Hardy wanted to reduce cameo revenue. The deal with Hardy was able to generate third-party revenue, but details state that Hardy will earn 50%. Hardy told them not to complain about it.
  • Chris Statlander has kidnapped Glyph Garrison.
  • Bucks’ room was messed up. Frankie Kazarian took the management of anger seriously. Matt Hardy sought to hire them as managers by making them larger rooms. Matt Jackson signed the contract without reading it.
  • Garrison escaped from Statlander. She was experimenting with humans trying to straighten his hair.
  • Hardy also tried to hire Brandon Cutler. Hardy suggested that Cutler beat Lucasaurus to win the deal.
  • Reynolds and Silver looked for Sting and adopted it for the Dark Order.
  • Alex Abrahantes followed the path of a purple Kool-Aid packet and was trapped in a trailer by Dasha Gonzalez, Ortiz, and Danny Limelight. Abrahantes shouted for help as Jake Roberts was deprogramming him from the cult. Alex left after two hours. He had a snake sticking out of his shirt and Jake was drinking Kool-Aid instead.
  • Lucasaurus complained that the dinosaurs were not cast in a human role for the movie.Cutler snuggled up to challenge him to the match darkness..
  • Vickie Guerrero and Nyra Rose used nun costumes to receive donations behind the scenes and put their money in their pockets.
  • Reynolds, Ricky Starks, Orange Cassidy, 10, Sean Dean, and 5 played in Flip Cup games and became the next challengers of the BTE Championship. Reynolds eventually beat Cassidy and became the number one candidate for Silver. Next week’s tournament is beer pong.
  • Cutler, photographed by Bucks, fell asleep in an interesting location at the airport.
  • Matt Jackson tried to enter his new locker room with his key, but that didn’t work. Hardy may have pulled something fast.

From the point of view of importance dynamiteThe opening scene is worth a look, in case the Young Bucks seem to be distrustful tonight. Matt Hardy is also founded as a scammer with these management contracts.

Finally, we conclude with a cool photo of Darby Allin exploding a flamethrower.

Arin hopes the machine can’t walk in the fire.

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AEW Rewind: Darby Allin promises madness, video game updates and more! AEW Rewind: Darby Allin promises madness, video game updates and more!

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