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Do you have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? please do not worry. Covered by AEW Rewind. This rewinds social media bits and YouTube videos from last week. Prepare you for Wednesday night dynamite..

last week dynamiteDon Callis, as a partner in Kenny Omega’s trio action, pulled the switcher to replace The Young Bucks with the Good Brothers. The Being the Elite opening scene addresses this issue.

“Deceived”-Being an elite, Ep. 239 Special Feature:

  • The Young Bucks was angry that it would be replaced by Good Brothers. Kenny Omega claimed he was unaware of the change. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows also complained of ignorance. They were just passing by impact taping trying to get a payday. They don’t want to fight anyway. Nick Jackson bought that logic. The finger was pointed at Don Callis. Bucks are cool with them unless planned by Omega or Good Brothers. After Omega and the Good Brothers left, Bucks said they thought they were 100% lying.
  • Stu Grayson was trying to get a chocolate horse over the phone. The rest of the Dark Order planned a celebration party before Hangman Page joined the Dark Order. The hangman entered, but they shouted for him to leave. Dark Order didn’t want to spoil the surprise.
  • Ally and Brandon Cutler wholeheartedly made faces in the hallways, and both behind each other’s backs.
  • The private party was angry at showing Matt Hardy a fool. Hardy was angry with the contempt that he called Kearney to grab money. Nevertheless, Hardy leads them to success.Most importantly, private parties win their match on darkness I absolutely need it.
  • Chris Statlander has kidnapped Brian Pillman Jr. for testing.
  • Peter Avalon and Leva Bates shared a nasty story as a former associate.
  • Statlander told Pilman, “The king of the sofa bent over.” (I’m so stupid.) Pillman was so excited to call himself stupid that Statlander kicked him out.
  • When Cutler got in the way, Lucasaurus tried to steal Coke.A little trash talk followed before their match on darkness..
  • Bates admitted that he allowed Kip Sabian to win the video game. Savian refused to believe it and challenged her to another duel.
  • John Silver managed to maintain the BTE Championship against Alex Reynolds in the Beer Pong match. Instead of a table tennis ball, I had to use a water bottle cap.
  • Bucks was leaving their new spacious locker room when Hardy walked for payment last week for a deal signed by Matt Jackson. Hardy took all the money in his wallet. That’s $ 1,000. The contract also stated that only Hardy had the room key. I was confused because I was confident that Jackson had signed a blank slate. Bucks wiped it out because they are set for life with money.

The first scene of BTE needs attention. These things don’t seem to be well explained above. dynamite.. But the end result didn’t move the story forward much. At the very least, it’s documented that everyone took responsibility for Don Callis. That’s some progress.

As for the other odds and the end from last week, Taz is surprised that Sting evens out the odds.

Become fresh off # 1 candidate In the title of the Impact tag last night, the Private Party felt like a king with Matt Hardy in control. Private parties love the life of private planes and small bottles. At Matt they trust.

Private parties aren’t the only ones rising in the world. Cody Rhodes has become a bus man.

PWI has distributed some of the 2020 Annual Awards to AEW winners. Orange Cassidy brought home the most popular wrestler. Cassidy was the happiest ever.

The Young Bucks was interviewed to win the Match of the Year honor against Hangman Page and Kenny Omega. Matt Jackson shared the story of Sting’s praise for the match.

Conclude with a minor programming note. AEW Dark is Now available Sunday in Spanish on YouTube at 10am (Eastern Standard Time).

Who do you think coordinated the switching of the elite tag team?When Team Taz appears with a baseball bat dynamiteSo what should be the next advancement of weapons in this feud?

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AEW Rewind: Young Bucks confronts Omega and Taz is surprised by Sting. AEW Rewind: Young Bucks confronts Omega and Taz is surprised by Sting.

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