AFFECTUS-Cyberpunk Indie Action-RPG by Solo Game Developer

Hello everyone!

I’m a solo game developer and I’m creating a cyberpunk action RPG called AFFECTUS.

Below is some information and trailers about my game.

It would make a lot of sense to me if I could check my game on Steam and support the production of a (very) small studio.
If you like it, consider adding the game to your wishlist, it will be of great help!

Chase Jacks as you explore a world of happiness, hope and love. The only way to feel good: Affectus shots. Play action RPG games in an immersive 2.5D cyberpunk world with a focus on story and non-linear gameplay.

Here is a trailer for a small prototype. I hope you enjoy it (with audio)

Jax wakes up unremembered in a dark alley at the bottom of a multi-story megacity called Tribas. Follow Jacks’ quest to discover how he lost his memory in a world where happiness, hope and love have disappeared.
Explore, infiltrate, fight, talk, hack Your way through the rich The world of cyberpunk with this 2.5D Action-RPG!


Decades ago, a pandemic struck the earth with a terrible virus. The effects of this virus are still believed to be worse than death itself. It suppressed all positive emotions of all human beings. The world lived for a year without feeling anything but despair, sadness and depression. The government tried to find a cure, but it wasn’t successful until a company found some cure. It wasn’t a vaccine. That was the only way to feel better again. To feel happy for three days; it was a drug called AFFECTUS.

This expensive drug became the property of Affectus Corp, the world’s largest company, 200 years later. Only Affectus Corp has a recipe for happiness, and it sells it at too high a price, so only the wealthiest people can get happiness.


Over the centuries, generations of wealthy families have built entirely new cities directly above old ones. It was a way for them to hide and forget their grief by disrespecting the poorest. Currently, Tribus has three levels and is almost inaccessible to each other.

  • Ground floor called Otem: This place is dark, dirty and crowded. Poverty and sadness dominate. The sun does not pass through the huge upper floors. It’s always raining, but it’s not natural rain, it’s leaking liquid from above … People here forget about the societies, outlaws, and factory workers that enrich companies like Affectus Corp. I am.
  • Upstairs called Eorum: This place is home to the majority of office workers in large corporations. People here earn enough to live properly, happily, but reasonably well in a modern environment where sunlight is regularly seen.
  • Higher floors called Tribass: Elite, home to the headquarters of a giant company, life is like a peaceful dream. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, high-tech equipment and open spaces, it is a bright environment with ubiquitous sun and fresh air.

In the eyes of the world, this city is called Tribas. Eorum and Autem are not mentioned as if no one wanted to remember the past.


During his adventure, Jacks encounters many characters. Some are useful, others are useless. You will be able to talk to them through interactive dialogue. But be careful, some of the choices you make will have consequences …


Affectus is an immersive, non-linear 2.5D side crawler action RPG. This means that you can explore Tribus as you like in a beautiful cyberpunk environment and start the main story objectives whenever you want.
If you feel like an explorer, learn more about the world and the city. You can help people you meet along the way and accept secondary goals. It helps Jax earn more credits and buy more equipment and implants.

Affectus does not have a skill tree. You are free to be a gunman, infiltrator, or sometimes a diplomat:

  • Install extensions to improve your Jax skills and choose your playstyle. Implants that give him new abilities for fighting, hacking and infiltrating.
  • Manage your inventory and purchase weapons and equipment that you think are suitable for completing Jax missions.

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