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When New Zealand was last in India to play the test series five years ago, they lost 0-3, 197 runs in Kanpur, 178 runs in Kolkata and 321 runs in Indole. Since that humility Kane Williamson His subordinates set the best test record of all teams. With 22 wins, 6 losses and 7 draws, the win / loss rate is 3.67, and India is in second place with 2.28 (32 wins, 14 losses, 8 draws).

We talk about how difficult it is for India to compete at home – forget to be beaten –. Since the 2016 New Zealand series, I have lost only two of the 26 home tests. Again, consider Kiwi himself losing only one of the 23 home tests during the same period.

Even if you’re away from home, you don’t often choose from two suitable World Test Championship finalists. India has had 13 wins, 12 losses and 3 draws in the last 5 years, while New Zealand has 5 wins, 5 losses and 2 draws.

Of course, the only difference here is that New Zealand has less than half the number of away tests in India. Even Bangladesh has taken five more away tests than the World Test Champion in the last five years.

Even taking into account pandemic-related cancellations and postponements, I think the world’s number one ranked test team could be in high demand for tours. But New Zealand is never a box office. India is everywhere in the huge market and the world of cricket that follows.

Unfortunately, the population of 5 million rugby players is always the first to pay attention to attention and talent and always struggle to buy your influence from the cricket grounds.

Perhaps the bare minimum we can get started with is the contempt behind the use of the term “punch overweight,” which became almost synonymous when explaining what New Zealand is doing at the cricket ground. Is to abandon.

If you play 3 finals in 3 world events in 3 different formats in 3 years, you are not punching beyond your weight. When you are defeating Pakistan in India’s United Arab Emirates at home, you are not punching beyond your weight. England In England and India again in the WTC finals on neutral soil. You are consistently world class across conditions and formats (with some notable exceptions to Australian big brothers). This is very difficult to run and maintain.

And Williamson, Sousie, and Jamison aren’t the only ones to free the team from trouble and put it in a good position. The 8th and 11th debut players resisted the power of more than 50 balls of Indian spins on the 5th day and were forced into a stalemate in Kanpur.

It is a common draw in India due to bad weather or dead pitches. If neither is true, spin will take precedence as usual.

As Lachin Ravindra said after the 91-ball rally at Green Park, “Kane also mentioned that. Many teams have lost toss and can’t steal a draw (in India).”

His fellow savior, Ajazz Patel, expanded their approach. “We said we aim to play the ball as straight as possible,” Ajazz said yesterday. “If it passes through the outer edge, it passes through the outer edge, but that was the most important part as long as the stump was not put into play and (the bat) was in front of the pad.”

An explanation that the 11th application, where almost the entire fielding unit is breathing from the neck, would have been proud of the specialist batter.

Or consider the fact that wicket keeper Tom Blundell made 132 deliveries in Kanpur. But what I remember most is the unfortunate dismissal and unfortunate shooter for R Ashwin twice. Axor Patel At first.

Brandel’s preparations for this tour included hitting a rug-placed or gravel-studded surface to simulate the various bounces of the Indian pitch. Quietly, firmly, under radar, another phrase often associated with New Zealand.

Their coach, Gary Stead, probably best described it ahead of the 2019 World Cup final. “You can play a par 4 on golf, hit it in the middle, then hit the second par in the middle of the green and get a 4 with 2 putts. So how you get there is important. It’s not, “Stedt said.

“Or, hitting the driver from the tee shot will make it rough. Put the following in the bunker. You can flop into something and sink a 20ft putt, and it’s still 4 … Sometimes we have shown the ability to do it the second way, and that’s important. “

Consistency, reliability, resilience, get to work without fuss. Call it what you want, it’s more than punching beyond your weight. And now it has given them the opportunity to drive the victory of their first series in India.

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After going from toe to toe against the best, New Zealand broke a punch over their weight cliché After going from toe to toe against the best, New Zealand broke a punch over their weight cliché

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