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Jurgen Klopp said Liverpool’s “Wild Ride” in a 3-3 draw at Brentford highlighted a defensive flaw as it allowed Mohamed Salah to miss a glorious second half chance.

In the 77th minute, Sadio Mané presented Salah with a one-on-one chance with Brentford goalkeeper David Raya, who opened the scoring 3-2.

The Egyptian striker, who scored 100 goals in the Liverpool Premier League early in the game, now went too high to clear the crossbar.

Crop’s fellow German Vitaly Janelt, who played in front of national team boss Hans Flick, gained an advantage by winning the equalizer five minutes later.

“These things happen. It’s great football. Mo usually scores in these situations, which isn’t the case today, but there’s absolutely nothing to say about it,” Klopp said.

“I really liked how to connect in advance. I should have scored more. But even if I win 3-2 or 4-3, there are these struggles defensively. That’s right. “

He added: “I think Mo sees it the same way. He wants to have a 101 today.”

Sarah scored 100 goals in the fewest Top Flight games by Liverpool players, surpassing Roger Hunt’s century-old record with 152 appearances.

Klopp praised Brentford’s Ivan Toney and Bryan Mbeumo’s Front 2 and said they were “really successful,” saying the Liverpool side might have been enough to win, but the results could hardly be discussed. Stated.

“I don’t know if having fun is the right word. It was a wild ride,” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“They deserved three goals on how to play. Today’s long ball clearly couldn’t handle it properly.”

He said Liverpool’s defenses were sometimes “not really satisfying” and stuck for the reason it was the case.

“We can do better in these situations, we didn’t do it today, but it’s a spectacular match and Brentford deserves points,” Klopp said.

“I should have won because I had more chances than Brentford, but they also deserved points because I fought properly. I admire it very much.”

Brentford coach Thomas Frank said he was “proud” of the players and promised to celebrate the next 24 hours.

“We faced one of the best three teams in the country and one of the best teams in Europe,” he said. We were very brave throughout the game.

“I think I’ve summarized that both teams were aiming for victory. It’s a big point against the top teams in 3-3, but we still aimed for victory. Of course, Liverpool always aims for victory.”

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After Liverpool’s “Wild Ride” in Brentford, Klopp spares Sarah After Liverpool’s “Wild Ride” in Brentford, Klopp spares Sarah

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