After “Many Messages from Gamers”, GOG Will Not Sell Horror Games Banned In China

December 16, 2020 Dedication is no longer coming to GOG.

Well, it turns out that GOG doesn’t intend to sell the Taiwanese horror game Devotion after all.Developer Red Candle Games Tweet At the beginning of today, when the game will hit the CD Projekt Red store on December 18, it’s no longer the case. GOG Tweet “After receiving a lot of messages from gamers”, “decided not to list the game” [its] shop”.

Devotion was first released in Steam in February last year but, after discovering player is a reference to China’s Xi Jinping Jintao in the form of a Winnie the Pooh meme, was immediately withdraw from Valve’s platform. As a result of the following protests from Chinese players, game publishers in the area have had their business license revoked by the Chinese government. Red Candle Games announced an apology, explaining that a reference was accidentally left in the game before it was removed from Steam.

Dedication is a first-person horror fest inspired by East Asian folk culture. You step into an 80’s apartment and slowly break down how a happy family was unleashed. You connect things by visiting the apartment during different periods of their time there. Dedication explores several different psychological aspects, from the pressures that arise from cultural expectations to the influence of religion.

The horror game was released in critic praise when it was first released. It turns out that playing with family commitment is similar to another indie game called Gone Home.

If you’re looking for more new PC games to play during your Christmas holidays, you’ll know where to click.

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