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Title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were involved in multiple incidents in Abu Dhabi last Sunday, and Steward penalized Verstappen for two.

Verstappen received a five-second time penalty as he gained an advantage when leaving the track to defend the lead after being told to return to Hamilton after an off-track pass early in the race.

Verstappen was also given a 10 second penalty for causing a collision after the race, after Steward determined that he was “unstable” when he tried to brake and overtake Hamilton in front of the final corner. I did.

Red Bull adviser Marco told Autosport after the race that the team felt “not treated the same”. According to Steward, Hamilton quoted that it was too late prior to the reopening of the first red flag, forcing Verstappen wide as an incident not seen in the last corner.

Marco also complained that Hamilton avoided material actions to actually thwart Nikita Mazepin on Friday, saying “it’s a very one-sided decision here.”

Helmut Marko, consultant, Red Bull Racing

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Asked by Autosport for his thoughts on Marco’s comments after the race on Sunday, Wolff said:

“I can’t comment on what they say.

“In Brazil, the disqualification of the sprint race made us feel tough. Who would have thought we could come back?

“I think Lewis got 3 points in that sprint race, but he didn’t get anything, and that could be a valuable point.

“Someone will always be dissatisfied with things. I’m trying to look at things with prejudice and common sense. I don’t think I’m always successful in the heat.”

Hamilton and Verstappen are tied at the point of the Sunday championship showdown, both of which have been involved in the events that led to Steward’s review in the last three Grand Prix.

In Brazil, Hamilton was excluded from qualifying due to a failed technical check, but after a wheel-to-wheel battle with Verstappen, he counterattacked and won the race on Sunday.

Verstappen was given a grid penalty for not delaying the yellow flag in Qatar, but Hamilton was summoned for two incidents in the final practice of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix prior to the incident in the race.

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After Marco’s F1 Steward commented, Wolff urged “common sense” After Marco’s F1 Steward commented, Wolff urged “common sense”

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