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Dustin Poirier After signing Conor McGregor win, he doesn’t want to play anything fast in his fighting career UFC 257..

Poirier (27-6 MMA, 19-5 UFC) redeemed one of the most notable losses in his career in a rematch with McGregor (22-5 MMA, 10-3 UFC) earlier this month. ..He scored 2nd round TKO One of the former two-division champions in Abu Dhabi’s “Fight Island”, the future looks very bright to him now.

In the aftermath of the battle, Poirier has become the focus of light weight attention.McGregor’s team Showed interest in rematch, Nate Diaz said he wanted to Change the schedule for scratch matchups From UFC 230 in November 2018.Michael Chandler Suggested an idea Of a vacant lightweight title match, So does Charles Oliveira..And Tony Ferguson I also want a piece “Diamond”

Poirier said everyone enjoys coming for him, and he knows he is now the man At £ 155.

“I have a target on my back,” Poirier told MMA Junkie on Sunday. “(I’m a former) interim world champion. I just knocked out Conor McGregor. Now I’m in first place and the only person above me (Habib Nurmagomedov) will never fight again. People want to climb that ladder, and to do that, you have to beat the top guy. Why is the target on your back because you have to beat the next guy in line? I understand and wear it proudly.

“I’m an uncrowned lightweight champion. If I had Habib, I’d be the best in the category. Former interim world champion, former title challenger. I just got two former world champions. I’m the champion. I know that. “

The only thing that distinguishes Poirier’s words from the reality of the situation is that he doesn’t own the UFC lightweight title. It still belongs to Nurmagomedov. Apparently I closed the door About returning to the octagon later Retired from MMA Following his title defense against Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 in October.

UFC President Dana White talks about what he likes after the match at UFC 257 Free title match ideas Former Bellator Champion between Poirier and Chandler made a memorable debut against Dan Hooker the same night before Poirier stopped McGregor.Poirier Shoot down immediately Quoting his opinion after the fight, Chandler hasn’t done enough to justify the opportunity under the UFC flag.

But Poirier thinks Oliveira, who has won eight straight divisions, is another story. But if the UFC doesn’t want to move forward with wiser options, Poirier said he would remove himself from the equation.

“I want to be a world champion, and Charles is the guy who paid his membership fee,” Poirier said. “There is no doubt that he is making money where he is now. Let him and Chandler fight for the belt. If they want Chandler there for the title and he wants the title Let them fight for the belt. Take a step back and just look. “

He said the possibility of a trilogy fight with McGregor did not rule out Poirier either. The benefits of that battle are evident from the exposure to financial gain.McGregor says nothing but him, even though his team came out in favor of the third match Comments immediately after the battle, When he said it was something interesting.

But what Poirier knows is that he has not been contacted directly about anything. And until then, nothing is real.

“It’s hard to call,” Poirier said. “I don’t know what they’re saying in a closed room, and I haven’t been contacted by UFC or Connor management about the trilogy battle yet, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. The UFC hasn’t heard anything. “

So he won’t jump to seek the definitive until the UFC brings Poirier a match that he considers worth the time and energy. All he has in mind right now is his immediate plan to take his wife Jolly and daughter Parker on vacation.

“Sure, the future is bright,” Poirier said. “I had never really thought about it before. I might go on a snow trip with my wife and daughter within a few weeks. That’s what it looks like.”

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After McGregor wins, Dustin Poirier is OK to play the waiting game After McGregor wins, Dustin Poirier is OK to play the waiting game

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