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After partnering with Energia, the port of Cork powered by 100% green energy

Energia, Ireland’s most environmentally friendly utility, has announced that it will supply Cork Port Company with 100% renewable energy.

Green Power will soon power several facilities at Cork City Key, Tivoli Container Terminal, Ringus Kiddy Deep Water Berth and Loro Bath, and Cove Deep Water Key and Cork Container Terminal. Cork Port is Ireland’s second largest port and an important Tier 1 port in the country, operating six transport modes (lift-on lift-off, roll-on-roll-off, dry bulk, liquid bulk, break bulk and cruise). I am. The estimated export value of € 20 billion in the region and the capacity of the port to be imported at a value of € 10 billion confirm the importance of the port’s contribution to the national economy.

The agreement with Energia was signed by the Port of Cork as part of its commitment to lead a wider port community by minimizing its environmental impact, reducing CO2 emissions and conserving natural resources. rice field. The agreement is in line with the broader sustainability goals of Cork Port. Other important actions that have helped reduce GHG emissions in ports include:

  • Achieved ISO 50001 Standard (2019) – Ireland’s first port to achieve this certification for energy management systems.
  • Development of the Cork Container Terminal (CCT) will soon begin at Ringaskiddy. This device was developed with sustainability in mind.
    • Exeed Design Certification – Full certification is obtained once the Stage 1 audit is complete and the CCT is operational.
    • Civil infrastructure facilitates plug-in coastal facilities to allow visiting vessels to connect to our power supply and allow vessels to shut down many of their machines.
  • Cork Harbor, in collaboration with Ireland’s Sustainable Energy Agency (SEAI), will implement an Energy Action Plan that will contribute to the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2009-2020, reducing energy consumption by 33% during the period. bottom.
  • In 2021, the port expanded its 100% electric vehicle fleet to reduce GHG emissions.
  • Cork has made several investments in PV (solar) and is continually considering the potential use of solar energy in the facility.

Henry Kingston, Port Engineering Manager at Cork Harbor, said: “Cork Port is committed to leading the wider port community by coordinating safety, environmental and energy initiatives, reducing CO2 emissions and respecting the principles of environmental sustainability. Through a partnership with Energia, the port will use 100% green energy and will have a positive impact on future port carbon dioxide emissions. “

Aidan Brennan, Key Account Manager for Energia, commented. “We are pleased to partner with Cork Port to provide 100% renewable energy to Cork and 14 different facilities throughout the county. The port is the entire community of Cork and the wider community economy. And play an important role in the national economy. As a groundbreaking infrastructure, green energy initiatives serve as an example of best practices. At Energia, our commitment to business sustainability across Ireland We are also working to help organizations such as the Port of Cork make changes that have a significant impact on the region and country. We look forward to participating in a continuous and future sustainability journey. increase.” .

Renewable energies are customized for Irish companies and Energia makes it easy to switch to clean and renewable energies. In a climate-changing world, getting energy from clean energy sources means that companies are serious about sustainability efforts and reducing carbon dioxide emissions to their customers, investors, employees, and the wider community. Indicates that you are working on.

After partnering with Energia, the port of Cork powered by 100% green energy After partnering with Energia, the port of Cork powered by 100% green energy

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