After resurrection on Twitch, Rust recorded the highest number of players ever

Rust is one of the most venerable names in survival games, but the best days for Facepunch’s nude simulator still seem to be ahead. Rust has made a big comeback on Twitch thanks to the international array of famous streamers. The new visibility has also spawned a new player peak for games on Steam.

As SteamDB shows, Rust has reached a new peak simultaneous player count of 134,483 today. This is not significantly higher than previous records. The daily peak will rise from 70k to 100k throughout 2020 and will tend to reach 125k in April, but it’s impressive to see games that have been around for most of the decade continue to hit. New record.

However, on Twitch, Rust has reached astronomical heights, peaking at well over a million viewers. Prior to last month, these peaks tended to be well below 100,000. These new views are backed by streamers such as Shroud and xQc, new joint servers for English-speaking viewers. Many large Spanish Twitch streamers are also attracting viewers.

The Rust developers themselves certainly enjoy it.

Rust’s updates are still prolific, with the December update introducing the Tech Tree system, with another big gun coming in just a few days.

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