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Middleweight Joseph Holmes, who won the Dana White Contender Series earlier this year and had already performed once in front of UFC management, will face Jonovempati on November 14th at Fury FC53. At that time, I was trying to secure my position in the company.

Holmes was able to join the TKO Pati just below the midpoint of the first round, winning a UFC contract in the process and moving on to the next stage of his career.

“(The fight with Patty) feels like it really worked,” Holmes told “I didn’t mean to knock him out, but the combination that knocked him out was something we’ve been working on a lot during the last 10 days of the camp at Glory MMA.

“I’m very proud of myself and I’m proud of how the fight took place. There’s definitely a momentum to join the UFC,” he said.

Holmes has been working towards reaching the UFC since he began his professional career in 2019, but actually achieving that goal is something he still has achieved and is very much. I admit that I have a surreal feeling.

“It’s still sinking,” Holmes said. “I think about it every day. I’m constantly being contacted by new people who congratulate me and say I have new fans. It brought me a lot of new emotions. So much. It’s exciting. It feels great just because I feel like I’ve been inspiring people.

“I go to the gym, but everyone training at SFSMMA in Dallas, Texas feels different at the gym. People supply this energy and use that momentum to take advantage of themselves. It feels better not just for myself, but for the whole gym and the community. “

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Holmes concludes 2021 with the UFC, and looking back on this year, he realizes how much effort he has put into achieving this move.

“I was busy this year, but it was definitely busy and needed to be done for the next step in my career,” Holmes said. “It was incredible. This year was a dream come true.

“I’ve had some tough fights and I’m almost unscathed and healthy in the UFC. I’ve mastered weight loss and I’m ready to take this next step for sure.”

Holmes wants to do one thing at a time, but he knows the way he wants to go in the upcoming UFC fight.

“I’m trying to plan my route in this department,” Holmes said. “There are a lot of people. I don’t want to look at the bottom of the roster because I’m new. So I definitely get some names and from a good route for myself to reach the top of the roster as soon as possible I’m trying to map. “

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After winning the UFC deal, Joseph Holmes plans a route to the top After winning the UFC deal, Joseph Holmes plans a route to the top

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