AGDQ schedule includes Hades and Super Mario Bros. 35 Speedrun

Awesome Games Done Quick has always been a great time. Of course, this year is a little sadder than usual. AGDQ’s classic crowd of fans screaming for support from behind speed runners on the stream is impossible because of this pandemic. Nevertheless, the flow of charity donations is ongoing and the schedule is as busy as usual.

This year’s AGDQ started on Sunday, January 3rd with less than 45 minutes of execution. Mirror edge, And it only got better from speedruns on the SNES, N64, and Game Boy Advance.

Today (Monday, January 4th) Click here for the lineup so far Pikmin 2, Yooka-Laylee,and Startropics Use regular AGDQ with NES Sonic Chunks that are taking place at the time of writing (must go fast).

Here are some highlights for the next few days: Hades, On Tuesday, January 5th, in just over an hour (don’t adjust if you obviously don’t need spoilers), it will be completed in 1 hour and 40 runs. Skyward Sword On Wednesday, the unrated CD-i Zelda game runs, Gameron’s wand, Thursday, and for the first time (and probably last) at the GDQ event, Super Mario Bros. 35, It seems that four different speed runners are forming a tag team.

There are also several TASBot runs, including the Game Boy version. Awakening of the link, Always worth seeing. TASBot (short for “Tool Assisted Speedrun Robot”) monitors a series of speedruns in a game and uses their inputs to create the ultimate speedrun better than human hands can manage. It’s a clever little thing. Watch the video below and watch the TASBot fly. Celeste:

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