Age of Empires 2 DE is making new expansions with co-operatives this year

All the news about Age of Empires 4 was exciting, but the definitive edition also had a lot of love. Age of Empires II continues to be the giant of RTS games and is the most popular of the legacy products in the series.

With World’s Edge announcing two important updates for 2021, it’s no wonder that more new content is coming to the beloved strategy game this year. Focuses on Eastern Europe.

The details of the new expansion were slim, but at least there were references to new campaigns, and perhaps new citizens to launch. This follows the Lords of the West expansion released earlier this year. New extensions will be dropped in the summer. Second, it was announced that co-operatives would appear in the game (and series) for the first time.

Again, with few details, the developers seem to have curated a list of campaigns and historic battles so players can play with their friends. You can check some gameplay at the 12:15 mark:

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