Age of Empires 2 Tournament, 2021 Return with Twist

Red Bull Wololo Global online Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition Tournament Empire Wars A series that offers custom 1v1 battles in game mode. Rivals have fallen, but Red Bull Wololo III hasn’t been defeated yet. The third iteration, which begins on January 2, presents new challenges, offers even bigger prizes, and introduces a whole new story that creates a comprehensive story for this epic event. An even bigger twist.

The two-part open qualifiers were held over a two-week period, with eight qualifying winners invited to the finals: Red Bull Wololo II’s Top 8 Pros and the World’s Best Age of Empires Pro Players Mr_Yo and TheViper. , Hera, Liereyy, TaToH, TheMax, Nicov, Capoch. Top 128 players will win a series of qualifying prizes, including the official Red Bull Wololo hoodie, gaming mousepads, stunning AOC gaming monitors, and large custom-engraved wooden mugs. The 16-person final event will run for five days starting January 16th and will offer a great prize pool.

Red Bull Wololo III is a unique take in the Empire Wars game mode where two players face each other in a one-on-one competition in the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Each game begins in the feudal era. This means that the first stage of a traditional match will be abolished and more exciting action will be brought to the forefront as players fight between 12 new and existing maps. As part of the epic conclusions of this unique tournament series, Red Bull Wololo III introduces a new story, adding a comprehensive story and twist to the competition. At each event, players are competing for a castle with a library that contains the knowledge needed to rule the world. Red Bull Wololo I and II competed for players over the management of castles and libraries of Western civilization. Red Bull Wololo III represents Asian civilization. In the Grand Finals, you’ll see the winners of each tournament compete in a battle of wisdom, with top players standing up to the final and ultimate challenge of competing for the strongest civilization.

Events are streamed globally and hosted by celebrities Age of Empires 2 Casters such as T90 Official, Nili_Aoe, Dave_Aoe for English streams.

For information on how to apply Red Bull Wololo III Event Page..

Participate officially Red Bull Wollo Discord For more information.

Red Bull Wololo III It will be held throughout January. Watch the main event on the official Red Bull Twitch and YouTube channels.

  • Qualifying 1: January 2nd (Sat) -January 3rd (Sun)
  • Qualifying 2: Saturday, January 9th to Sunday, January 10th
  • Main event: Saturday, January 16th-Sunday, January 17th
  • Main event: January 22nd (Friday) -January 24th (Sunday)

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Age of Empires 2 tournament with a twist returns for 2021

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