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Ray Parlor said Arsenal would be happy to sign Sergio Aguero in the summer transfer window. It was confirmed that he would leave Manchester City at the end of the season.

Alexandre Lacazette has scored 13 goals in all Arsenal tournaments this season, but many media reports believe he is not part of his long-term plan at Emirates under Mikel Arteta.

As a result, Arsenal did not agree to a new deal with the club and was confirmed to be leaving Manchester City at the end of the season, so speculation in the media that he might be interested in signing Aguero in the transfer window. I was struck.

And while Arsenal thinks he might take advantage of Aguero’s talents, even though he’s not young, he also admits that Mikel Arteta and Edu decide if he wants him.

Aguero asked if he would welcome the movement of the parlor Estimated:’Of course it is! I will do so for several years.

“Anyone with Aguero’s abilities would be great for Arsenal. [Alexandre] Lacazette will stay next season, but I don’t know, but I suspect he’s heading for the summer.

“So Arsenal definitely need a striker. I don’t know if it will be Aguero or if he looks a little younger and tries to develop a player. That’s what Arteta and Edu have to do. is.

“They will have to sit down and say,’Yes, where are you going?’ They did it with David Lewis, they took him from Chelsea later in his career, and maybe they would do the same as Aguero.

round up….

Many believe we are crazy and Aguero is not a good sign, but given that the Gunners need to generate some money, saving tons by giving Aguero a deal until the end of the season I can do it.

And when they return to the Champions League, they can take a longer-term solution, right?

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Aguero wants to see Arsenal sign Aguero in the summer Aguero wants to see Arsenal sign Aguero in the summer

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