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AHS supports Caja Robotics installation

AHS is excited to share its support for the installation of Caja at distribution centers in Moreno Valley, California. Our Emerging Technologies team was selected by Caja Robotics to assist in the physical installation of robot solutions.

Our team worked on deploying Caja’s system, which consists of various robots (2 types), 4100 active locations, 2 picking stations, and 1 replenishment station. Additional support includes 10 feet. Measurements of high shelves, and floors for sticker placement.

Michael Cahn, Vice President of Business Development at Caja Robotics, said: As the warehousing market develops, we provide our customers with advanced automation solutions to help them succeed in a growing ecosystem. AHS has demonstrated outstanding expertise and responsiveness in this strategic deployment for clients with great potential. This first collaboration points the way to great collaboration in the future. “

This installation represents the first project with Caja Robotics since the start of the partnership last quarter. Our team appreciates the opportunity to support Caja in installing the project and looks forward to leading future Caja deployments with our clients.

AHS supports Caja Robotics installation AHS supports Caja Robotics installation

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