Ahsoka Tano’s Mandalorian episode may be set before the Star Wars Rebels finale

Ahsoka Tano may have finally appeared in The Mandalorian, but much still doesn’t know about her journey after the events of the original trilogy. And now, “Jedi” director Dave Filoni is further questioning Ahsoka’s timeline. The final scene of the Star Wars Rebels suggests that it could actually happen after the Mandalorian. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Filoni teased the possibility of a non-linear approach to Ahsoka’s story (via ScreenRant). Filoni has not confirmed either method, but has made it clear that fans should not assume that the Mandalorian is taking place after the rebel finale.

“It’s not necessarily chronological,” Filoni told Vanity Fair. “I think the most incomprehensible thing for people is that they want to go straight, but as they learned as a kid, nothing really works linearly in Star Wars. [Episodes] 4, 5, 6, then 1, 2, 3. So, in the course of its history, looking at the rebel epilogue, you really don’t know how much time has passed. So the story I’m talking about in The Mandalorian may actually have happened before that. Possible.I say it is Possible.. “

Mandalorian Season 2

For those who haven’t seen the entire rebel army, the series ends with a fairly free note. The ambitious Jedi Ezra Bridger and his enemy, Grand Admiral Thrawn, are then dragged across the galaxy on a runaway Star Destroyer. The fate of both characters remains a mystery, but it is generally assumed that both will eventually reappear, either in the Mandalorian itself or in another Star Wars series.

Most of the episode takes place before the Rogue One and New Hope events, but there is a time jump near the end. The final sequence of the Rebel Finale features Ahsoka’s own narration. A glimpse of the role Herasindura, Sabine Ren, and Captain Rex played in defeating the empire, Ahsoka reunites with a friend in Rotal, and Ezra and Sloan are missing.

In the context of that episode, it is always assumed that this reunion scene takes place shortly after the Jedi’s return event. Meanwhile, the Mandalorian was set about five years after the movie, and Ahsoka reveals in “Jedi” that she is looking for a sloan. Fans naturally assume that this means that Ahsoka continues his quest from the rebel finale, but Filoni’s comments cast the episode from a different perspective. The rebel reunion scene could have happened later in the Star Wars timeline than we expected. Perhaps Ahsoka will not reunite with Hera and Sabine until she finds the necessary information about Sloan’s whereabouts.

As Screen Rant points out, this also means that Sabine has remained in Lothal for five years since the collapse of the empire. Earlier, I had speculated that Sabine could be the next rebel character to jump into live action, so the adventures of Dinjarin and Grog could eventually take them to their familiar planet. There is.If you need more help to understand Mandalorian’s position in the larger Star Wars story, a summary of the story of Ahsoka so far, Grand Admiral Thrawn’s explainer, Mandalore and Baby Yoda’s complete timeline. Please check.

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