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(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

October 20, 2021. The International Consortium is seeking a team of scientists to use algorithms to design new therapeutic antibodies and to set up and fund start-ups. AION Lab, A coalition of pharmaceutical and technology companies in Israel, Europe, and the United States, and BioMed XThe German Institute of Biomedical Sciences, which connects the academic lab and the industry, sponsors a crowdsourcing contest.

AION Lab, Formed last week A collaboration between the Israeli pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca, Merck, Pfizer and Teva in Rehovot, Israel, and the Israeli Biotech Fund and Amazon Web Services. The coalition aims to create and fund new companies to commercialize these technologies to encourage the use of artificial intelligence and data science to design and develop new therapies. AION Labs hopes that these technologies will speed up the design and development of new therapies, minimize animal use, and create treatments that better fit the patient’s exact molecular structure.

BioMedX at Heidelberg University is conducting research Molecular biology, cell biology, computational biology A project sponsored by a pharmaceutical company. The Institute works both onsite and through global crowdsourcing with researchers from early careers around the world. BioMedX AION Labs Partner, Was announced last week as well.

NS AION Labs / BioMedX CompetitionCalled De Novo Computational Design for Therapeutic Antibodies, seeking suggestions from research teams working in computational biology, bioinformatics, or antibody engineering. Many therapeutic antibodies today, such as AION Labs and BioMedX, are derived from existing large protein libraries and use costly and laborious processes, but they are not always effective treatments. not.

Funds and equipment for start-ups

Sponsors are seeking proposals for computational platforms that allow the design of new antibodies that meet antigen structure and sequence specifications that bind to the target of the correct epitope or antigen binding site. And sponsors are more creative and encourage today’s cutting-edge ideas. Pharmaceutical companies participating in AION Labs provide data and industry expertise to train AI models.

The sponsor expects the leader of the proposal team to earn a PhD. A researcher with 4 to 8 years of experience and a willingness to grow into a company founder. Team participants must have a postdoctoral researcher or PhD. Research and equivalent experience in computational biology, bioinformatics, or antibody engineering, and related disciplines.

The winning team will receive funding and equipment for Israeli start-ups to develop and commercialize the researcher’s proposals. Financing includes $ 1 million for the first two years and has an additional $ 1 million option for another two years of funding. The new company will reside in Rehovot’s AION lab, which includes both wet labs and computational labs. The company also receives guidance and guidance from executives in the pharmaceutical and technology industry, venture capital and academic sciences.

“We look forward to providing the startups of choice,” says AION Labs CEO. Mattigil so BioMedX statement“We are leveraging strong resources and mentorship to work together to develop state-of-the-art solutions to overcome the pharmaceutical challenge of selecting drug candidates from antibody sequences.”

The deadline for the first proposal is December 12, 2021. From the initial proposal, finalists will be selected to participate in the 5-day Innovation Boot Camp from January 30th to February 3rd, 2022. At the session, the finalists will present the completed proposal. Select the winning team as the jury.

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AI design antibody for start-ups required by open call for participants «Science and companies AI design antibody for start-ups required by open call for participants «Science and companies

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