AI program makes The Witcher 3 NPC look real

Reddit users have applied AI to some NPCs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to make it look more realistic and the results are very impressive.

Recent fans The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt We used an AI program to make the random NPCs throughout the game look more realistic and produce impressive results. The third installment of the hugely successful Witcher series on CD Projekt Red was released over six years ago and is still huge today, thanks to the title remodeling community that continues to release new titles to maintain the title. It remains popular.

The 2015 Game of the Year has a lot of maturity since its debut and has been praised by fans and other developers. God of War Cory Barlog.. But technology is constantly changing in the gaming world, and it’s graphics that mark the era in every title over a few years ago.It’s graphics The witcher 3 Now considered bad, but not as revolutionary as it used to be. Recognizing this, the fan community is taking steps to bring action RPGs into the modern graphical era and can update the game wherever possible.

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In most cases, these visual improvements The witcher 3 It is done through certain modifications. Reddit user gutekx12However, the approach was different, instead applying AI to some NPCs throughout the game. The end result produced a much more realistic image, and Reddit users shared a series of photos side-by-side before and after the comparison. However, there are some notable elements that are not complete translations, such as the blue eyes of all NPCs. Gutekx12 tried to apply the same AI to some of the game’s main characters, but eventually “Made them look strange.. “Reddit users said they could later use AI to post images of the protagonist.

The witcher 3 AI character

Not as good as the gutek x12 AI, but there are many mods that overhaul the character The witcher 3 Currently available. Many of these improve the main character and NPCs, including those that change Gerald’s entire complexion to look like Henry Cavill’s complexion.

The witcher 3 We have enjoyed longevity not only for the quality of the base game, but also for what the modding community has created for the game over the years.From bug fixes to permissions Gamers play The witcher 3 In the first personThere are many fan-made extensions currently available to update the 6-year-old title to the modern gaming environment.Still, there are still many things to do without modification The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt It keeps holding up.

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

sauce: gutekx12 / Reddit

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AI program makes The Witcher 3 NPC look real

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