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In your life, you may only need to push a little in a particular direction to completely change the course.

Knowing that your child is suffering both mentally and physically is not a parent’s favorite feeling. And unfortunately, as children grow up, they become more and more an open target for action … well, life.

Since they are active little spheres of energy, it is normal for children to participate in sporting activities to draw some of that energy. This is guaranteed for all of the various exercises, but some may be more valuable than other exercises. A typical example is the field of wrestling.

Wrestling, taught in schools around the world, is one of the more demanding activities that children can choose from. But it’s more than just an energy burner because it has lasting value. Often, it guides parents to wrestle their children at an early age for self-defense purposes.

And you won’t know that, which in turn can lead to becoming a professional face puncher.

“For years, I hated wrestling practice,” Ai Shimizu told MyMMA News. Brodend Horizon.. “This is the toughest and toughest practice I’ve ever had. Even today, I’ve never enjoyed it. So obviously when I was a kid, I didn’t like going to practice.”

Ai Shimizu in Tokyo began her journey to martial arts as a wrestler from an early age. She worked every day, became prominent, stepped into the world of MMA and became one of the best atomic weight outlooks in the world.

31-year-old Shimizu was undefeated with a 5-0 record and, despite his strong wrestling background, had no intention of participating in mixed martial arts sports. In fact, she didn’t even know that MMA existed until about five years ago. And, like the introduction to wrestling, her first encounter with her call wasn’t without help.

To begin her professional fighting career, Shimizu did so in one of the more unique ways any fighter could do as part of a reality show cast.

“The reason I joined MMA was because of this reality show. [Fighting Agent War]… It was like the Apprentice, ”Shimizu recalled. “There were four legendary fighters, they brought their disciples, and through the show they had a kind of upbringing and made them fight in tournaments. [Norifumi] “Kid” Yamamoto, recommended me for the show when he was on. But then I rejected him once. I declined the offer, but he still kept asking me. So when he came and asked me, I thought about it twice, and then I decided to accept the offer, and I fought at the show.

“It was very hard. I didn’t like shooting sessions and I didn’t like interviewing. Overall, it was a tough and hard experience. When the reality show started, I did yoga. I worked as an instructor. I’m much smaller and lighter than I am now, so without that show I wouldn’t have been fighting as an MMA fighter. “

PhotoCred: Instagram – @ai_mma_dga

Rejecting the help of a legendary person like Norifumi Yamamoto is the idea that many will shake their heads. But the great Japanese icon of the late period had a talent and a reason to survive.

As one of the classics of the Crazy Bee team, Kid took Shimizu under his wings and took part in the 2018 Fighting Agent War. To win the season, as part of the tournament, contestants must last longer than three different opponents.

The first round of Armbar in the second half of Ueno Mizuki, which was counted as an exhibition, secured a spot in Shimizu in the semi-finals, securing her first career victory. But the next battle was to get her back, and the same operation was her downfall. 17-year-old Mizuki Furuse forced Shimizu to tap at 4:49 in the opening round. Since then, Yamamoto’s disciples have not lost.

In the short time that followed, Ai Shimizu was busy and did not waste time trying to strengthen her record. All four of her five victories took place in 2019. Two of them finished their opponents with Deep Jewels both in submission and TKO, and the other two made strong decisions on two of the world’s largest MMA platforms.

“Princess Bee” won her biggest victory in the final battle with veteran veteran Andi Nguyen. The two went to battle at each of their Bellator MMA debuts as part of the doubleheader at the big year-end RIZIN crossover show. Shimizu raised his hand to decide to split and left, but he was on the sidelines throughout 2020 after undergoing surgery and recovering.

For strategic purposes, she could not share any further details. But in essence, injuries made victory even more important for lifelong wrestlers.

“Towards the battle, I already knew I had an scheduled date for my surgery,” Shimizu shared. “So I knew I was going out for at least six months, so I wanted to make an impression that people wouldn’t forget me for the next six months. But towards the fight against injury, My performance didn’t live up to my expectations. I was very angry and disappointed that I couldn’t do what I wanted, that is, the way I should be, so all that feeling was It accumulated and exploded after the battle.

“I was disappointed right after the fight. I didn’t really think about the big picture. But after the fight, many told me Andy’s experience and achievements. I was injured. Thinking, I was told I did a good job, and those things started to settle down after the fight, so I could be a little proud of what I did in a given situation. It was. “

For Shimizu, from a big stage to the next stage. And it can never be bigger than this.

On New Year’s Eve this year, RIZIN 26 will be held as a promotion to commemorate RIZIN’s 5th anniversary. Shimizu confronts a young superstar and makes his third appearance in the ring. Kanna Asakura..

In the eyes of most people, this is very likely a match for the first candidate to decide who will challenge the title next.

She is eight years younger than her opponent in Shimizu, but Asakura has more than doubled her MMA experience. The highest peak in Chiba, which started its career four years ago, set a record of 17-4 and became one of the most famous names in Japan in the process. In the meantime, she showed off her own impressive wrestling game.

This New Year’s Eve event will be Asakura’s fifth appearance on such a stage. When you break down the paper stats, she finally has everything in her favor … don’t hesitate, Ai Shimizu knows it well and chops a little to spoil.

“I’m very excited to be able to fight on New Year’s Eve,” she began. “It feels great … but I understand this is not what I am doing. Thanks to Mr. Asakura, this is an opportunity. She is doing more, she. Has a bigger name, everyone thinks I’ll lose, I go there as a weak, so it motivates me to overturn everything. She has on the table I want to bring everything I bring and humiliate all suspicious people. It’s very exciting to know that I can ruin things a lot towards this fight …

“I honestly think she’s better than me in every way. So I don’t think she has a lot of game plans, she’s going to fight wherever the fight goes. But guessing, she would want to attack with me, because I think that’s where she feels confident.

“If Asakura wins, I think it’s worth the title battle,” Shimizu continued. “But for me, I don’t think that’s the case. I think there’s a lot to work on, but it’s okay to gain experience and hone your skills. So far, I’m not very keen on title shots. I want to focus on every fight given to me, and wherever it takes me, I go for it. The winner won the title shot I don’t really care. “

Ai Shimizu
PhotoCred: Instagram – @ai_mma_dga

As expected, Shimizu joins the Crazy Bee team after running Fighting Agent War with Yamamoto as a guide. And it will not be the only member of the famous family she will learn.

Like Kid, his sister Miyu will be competing as an MMA fighter after a great career as a wrestler. Yamamoto, 46, is one of the best in the world and will be competing for the RIZIN Super Atom Weight title on New Year’s Eve, so he really proved that age is just a number.

While Shimizu was honing his skills, Yamamoto played a big role and was like the older sister of a former yoga instructor. But while each was preparing for battle, they did so apart from each other. Shimizu left Japan’s Crazy Bee team after Yamamoto trained with her husband Kyle Aguon at Spike 22 in Guam.

“We had a fight camp and wanted to train more efficiently, so we spent less time training at Crazy Bee,” explains Shimizu. “That was the way my fight camp was set up. I spend less and less time at Crazy Bee, and I feel rude to name it when I’m not training much there. So I decided to sit down with Kid Yamamoto’s father, Ikuei, explain my thoughts and feelings, and break up on the way, because I’m not spending much time there anymore. For me, the training environment felt outside of Crazy Bee, so I couldn’t use their name anymore with respect to the brand. “

Shimizu spends his time at the Abe Ani Combat Club (AACC), which has been training since his debut, in preparation for an important match with Asakura. AACC is best known for accommodating many of Japan’s top athletes, including two of the best in the sport’s history. Megumi Fujii, And Yamamoto’s opponent at RIZIN 26, Ayaka Hamasaki.

Other than that, wrestling-based Shimizu went to a specific gym for kickboxing and boxing to sharpen that area of ​​the arsenal. That’s why she started working with RIZIN bantamweight champion Kai Asakura.

Ai Shimizu may be completely different from what she imagined in the long run, but she has proven to be a fighter hell. And, given the railroad tracks she’s currently on, it seems that Nudging helped push the train forward with all her might.

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Ai Shimizu and the road to the perfect stage Ai Shimizu and the road to the perfect stage

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