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The world of MMA Habib Nurmagomedov He may change his mind and pursue his 30th victory. But one of Bellator’s nova, AJ McKee He revealed that he understood and respected the decision of undefeated fighters to leave the battle.

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McKee comments on Habib’s retirement

Nurmagomedov shocked the martial arts world when he announced in October that he would retire after choking Justin Gaethje at the UFC 254. Habib reported that he had promised his mother to fight again after his father died last year.

Habib has repeatedly said he hasn’t been fighting for too long in the last few years, but the news has surprised many. Prior to UFC 254, there was consensus that Habib would be back for at least one more fight, aiming for the 30-0 mark.

Now, this does not eliminate speculation about the battle of lightweight champions. Especially because Dana White will meet Habib this month.

But while talking MMA junkie Recently, McKee said about Habib’s decision to retire:

“I respect him for not disturbing the final battle. He told his mother he wouldn’t fight anymore,” McKee said before mentioning his relationship with his father, the fighter. It was. And coach Antonio McKee.

“Honestly, without my father. I don’t think I can be honest.

I was able to fight, but I have a lot of anger. I don’t think there is a technical AJ who intends to go there by swinging around to hurt something.

“So I don’t know, it’s difficult. So I took him off my hat. He won a lot of respect from me in that fight. And I’m not inside the cage, but the cage. Judge the character outside of.

So I was always aiming for Habib. He is a wonderful person both inside and outside the cage. “

McKee also said this, referring to Habib’s relationship with his father, Abdullah Manap. The latter was a highly respected martial arts coach.

“I respect the family’s traditions and heritage,” McKee said. “Making my dad my coach is just a fire. Our dad puts us in a different way.

Raised for this, we know what we should do here, which is a problem for people. “

What’s next?

Therefore, based on these comments, McKee does not seem to believe that Habib will come back.

Habib has now said several times that he has finished the fight, and he also shot down the idea that money would change his mind.

That said, he has agreed to meet White and is reportedly remaining in the USADA test pool. So if White offered him the right fight and it was added to his legacy (George Saint-Pierre), maybe he would change his mind?

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AJ McKee understands and respects the retirement of Khabib Nurmagomedov AJ McKee understands and respects the retirement of Khabib Nurmagomedov

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