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He has several positions. The company may not always use them as much as possible, but there are some incredible talents above and below the WWE roster. Not only does the main roster show have all the wrestlers they can handle, but NXT also has a share of highly skilled performers. Some of those wrestlers will get more attention than others, and now two of them have received some special praise.

In addition to all of WWE’s young and up-and-coming stars, there are also incredible veterans who were previously around the block. One of WWE’s biggest names is AJ Style, and he’s been quite successful everywhere he goes. It puts him in some special company and makes his opinion on things a little more interesting. Currently, he is doing a little talent evaluation.

In a new interview with WWE India, Styles was asked to name three stars he felt would be WWE’s next breakout name. I chose only two styles, Riddle and Keith Lee. Both are part of a live roster on Monday night with him. This is the second time Riddle’s name has appeared on such a list in the last few weeks, as Hulk Hogan called him the next breakout star.

There is a possibility for both. Check out the two stars in action and the interview:



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AJ Styles Chooses WWE’s Future Star AJ Styles Chooses WWE’s Future Star

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