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UFC Lightweight Al Iaquinta relied on Conor McGregor to win the first round KO with Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.But two minutes after the second round, Poirier Knock out McGregor.. “Raging” Al wasn’t very happy with the Irish show.

Iaquinta played “Mystic Mac” ahead of the best pay-per-view since UFC 229. The realtor worked in favor of McGregor by recording a predictive video explaining the psychology of the main event. He told fans that McGregor’s “Kumbaya” with Poirier left “Diamonds” too comfortable and in his condition could be knocked out as quickly as they did when they first fought. It was.

“”[McGregor] Hit Poirier with Kumbaya. “Iaquinta said. “In weighing, stare. Connor becomes his stance, Dustin becomes his stance. Connor becomes slower, Dustin becomes lower. Connor wakes up. Dustin wakes up. Connor begins to speak. , Dustin starts talking. [Poirier] It’s just one step behind and it’s as if he hit a little star. I think that will lead to a battle. Conor McGregor, first round knockout. “

Iaquinta will apologize later For fans who were convinced that McGregor would win, however, he didn’t cut the slack when it came to the performance of the former champion.

“Connor screwed me into it,” said Iaquinta. MMA Island.. “What the hell was that?”

“He went into the cage and [Poirier’s] I’m thrilled with a man. It’s not Connor, what the heck is it? Hey, what freak? He was overdoing Kumbaya. He made a close friend with Dustin before the battle. “

“He was dropped, it was a strange drop. It wasn’t a very clear shot, it fell a bit on him. Connor was out of balance. He dropped him early. Connor stands up, opposes the cage, gets out of the cage and stays there. It’s never a game plan for him. The more fighting he has, the slower he gets. He’s from that clinch. I think I should have escaped. He should have started firing. He was just hanging around. “

“Then I kick my foot. Dustin had a great game plan. Southpaw vs. southpaw. I crushed that lead leg with a leg kick. I switch game plans like Connor. I switch stances. I Was hit by those leg kicks, those things aren’t fun. You don’t want to stand there and take them. He didn’t change much. “

“Dustin went out with a great game plan. Connor was one of the worst versions I’ve ever seen. [of him].. He always had good hand speed, was always accurate and won with a punch. Dustin, 155 years old, looks closely at punches, absorbs punches, lands and takes them. “

“As long as I was looking for Connor, it was definitely a weird fight.”

Al Iaquinta’s name was mentioned in a pre-combat interview with Conor McGregor, who randomly said he wanted to fight Raging Al at some stage. Long Iridder says the Irish are in “big problems” and in “La La Land”.

“If you’re going to play a guy like me, I don’t know … we’re not all in the same place. He’s fighting another animal, most people really. Whoever I enter there will not be weird Kumbaya, I will chase them. “

Al Iaquinta is open to the fight against McGregor, but hopefully looks to Paul Felder in April.

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Al Iaquinta rips Conor McGregor’s UFC 257 performance Al Iaquinta rips Conor McGregor’s UFC 257 performance

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