Alchemist Code Launches New Collaboration Event

gumi Inc announced its latest collaboration in December this year. Alchemist code And Resurrection of the hero of the shield.. From December 28, 2020 to January 20, 2021, players will be able to participate in events, earn rewards and summon. Resurrection of the hero of the shield Characters, and Melty Mellomarc Resurrection of the hero of the shield For free.

In this collaboration, players are looking forward to:

Collaboration login campaign

During the collaboration period (December 28, 2020-January 20, 2021), log in to the Alchemist Code every day to get benefits! Players can get up to 500 x Gem, 70 x Soul Shard Summon Tickets (Collaboration Units only), 100 x Philo Apple, and 15 x Other World Are Enlightenment Shards.

Collaboration characters that can be summoned

Players can summon iconic characters from Resurrection of the hero of the shield To assist in the quest for players to conquer the waves of Babel.

Collaboration unit:

  • Naofumi Iwatani: A shield hero who is one of the four cardinal heroes in the country of Melomarc in a parallel world. His defenses are almost impenetrable, but he rarely interferes with his offensive power.
  • Raphtalia: A swordsman in the country of Melomarc in a parallel world. A semi-raccoon demi-human, she is honest and candid. Saved by Naofumi at an early age, she has devoted herself to fighting as a sword with Naofumi.
  • Filo: A creature known in parallel in the country of Mellomarc as Filolial Queen. Although she belongs to a bird-like monster species called Philorial, she has the ability to transform into the shape of a young girl. It has a natural affinity for the magic of the wind, so it can be used to your advantage in combat.

To celebrate this collaboration, players simply complete Collaboration Quest Episode 1 to get Melty Mellomarc for free.

Collaboration Memento Summon

  • Light of the Hero of the Shield (5)★★ Memento): Money, status, friends. The hero who was betrayed and lost everything he had and kept his heart away from the world. A ray of light is shining in front of him. “I’m your sword. Wherever you go, I’ll go with you!” Never hesitate from his side, she’s the blade that cut the way for both of them. She considers the bracelet he gave her to be her greatest treasure. He can continue his journey to protect the world from destruction because he has his sincere sword on his side.
  • Second Princess Wish (5)★★ Memento): The young future Queen Melty is delighted with all these new experiences: friends of the same age, camping outside, and even fighting the water! Still, like the refreshing and relentless barrage of bubbles, it will disappear someday. “Ha, Melty! Like me, you are completely soaked!” Melty’s heart is full of joy of fun. She wants to be able to seize the response over time. If you had a monument to it in the shape of the beautiful hair ornament that Philo wore … she quietly makes a wish.

Collaboration event quest

  • Normal quest: Complete Collaboration Quest Episode 1 to get a free event-only unit – Melty Mellomarc.
  • EX Quest: Complete the event quests to get unique job equipment and equipment for The Rising of the SHIELD HERO collaboration unit.
  • Collaboration Alchemia Portrait Quest: Work with Alchemia Port members to defeat bosses, rank in the top 100 and get exclusive emblems!
  • Philo Apple Garden: Available once a day, clear the Filo Apple Garden to get Special Collaboration Apple. Special collaborations collected by Apple can be used to improve the unit’s experience. Players can earn up to 32,500 EXP from this event.
  • Orange balloons everywhere: In this quest, players will receive a shard drop that can be crafted into the collaboration event exclusive gear “Orange Balloon”. This is a gear that greatly reduces the chance of activating a one-turn reaction. Upon completion of the mission, players will also receive a limited number of collaboration titles.
  • Fierce battle quest: Earn fierce battle coins and exchange them for items! You can also win limited titles by completing quest missions from the most difficult difficulty level!
  • Shard Quest: Unit shard quests are available when a player owns a collaboration unit. Shard Quest is available in Naofumi Iwatani, Raphtalia, and Philo.

Alchemist code Is a free app (with in-app purchase) available from the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.

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THE ALCHEMIST CODE Kicks off new Collaboration Event

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