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Mario Andretti’s twin brother and late John Andretti’s father, Aldo Andretti, died at the age of 80. (Photo courtesy of Andretti Autosport)

Indian Anapolias — World Champion Mario Andretti’s twin brother Aldo Andretti died on December 30th. He was 80 years old.

Mario Andretti confirmed his brother’s death on Twitter.

“My beloved twin brother, criminal partner, and loyal best friend of every day of my life, Aldo Andretti, was called to heaven last night,” writes Mario Andretti. “Half of me went with him. No eloquence. I’m upset at my heart.”

Aldo Andretti’s death occurs 11 months after his eldest son, John, died of colon cancer.

Brother Andretti was 15 years old when he emigrated to the United States on a Contebian Camano with his sister Anna Maria and her parents Gigi and Lina.

Lina’s uncle Tony sponsored their immigrants, so they landed in New York City and lived in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Aldo was sleeping with a headache when he climbed the stairs on the first Sunday of his family in Pennsylvania, claiming that Mario had heard the cry of a racing engine. Aldo jumped out of bed and the two went outdoors to chase after the noise.

It drew them to the Nazareth Speedway. The Nazareth Speedway was a half-mile oval, tightly packed soil with huge jaropies slipping around it.

They began to hide the money they earned from pumping gas. By the fall of 1958, they had saved enough to buy the tattered ’48 Hudson Hornet. Taking advantage of the shop space and tools provided by the friendly contractors, they started their first remodeling work.

Quietly, the boys struggled with the Hudson.

They agreed to take turns driving from the beginning. Aldo first went on Sunday, April 1959. He started in the last heat, but blasted traffic to win it. In the long main event, he could take the time and he won it too. The brothers raised $ 10 for the heat and $ 80 for the feature. They came back a week later and Mario was holding the steering wheel. The results were the same: heat wins, feature wins, $ 90 payday.

Mario and Aldo Andretti spent 1956 together in Reading, Pennsylvania (Andretti Autosport's Facebook page)
Mario and Aldo Andretti spent 1956 together in Reading, Pennsylvania (Andretti Autosport’s Facebook page)

Their racing career had begun.

Mario Andretti quickly gained national and international starship, but Aldo Andretti continued to race on American short tracks. It crashed during a 1969 sprint car race in Des Moines, Iowa, causing severe facial damage and 13 fractures.

After the crash, he stopped racing and started several businesses such as Andretti Firestone and Andretti Machine Engineering.

Racing stayed close to his heart and raised his sons John, Mark, Adam, daughter Mary Joe, and his high school lover, his wife Corky.

John and Adam have each become successful drivers on their own.

“My dad is funny, and he has a lot of sayings,” John Andretti wrote in his autobiography, “John Andretti, RACER.” “We call them aldoism.”

One of the aldoisms that John Andretti shared in his book is: Be careful of what you do today as you will be back tomorrow and will bite your ass. “

Aldo Andretti’s passion for racing lasts a lifetime and often supports and follows the careers of his family, including his grandson Jarrett (John’s son), who is actively competing with USAC and other racing organizations. It was seen.

The Christian Burial Mass will take place at noon on Tuesday, January 5, at the St. Malassie Catholic Church in Brownsburg, Indiana. The family will meet friends at Stevens on Monday, January 4th, from 4 pm to 7:30 pm. Burial of Indianapolis.

Aldo Andretti (right) stands on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with his son John Andretti (center) and twin brother Mario Andretti (left). (IndyCar photo)
Aldo Andretti (right) stands on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with his son John Andretti (center) and twin brother Mario Andretti (left). (IndyCar photo)

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Aldo Andretti, Mario’s Twin Brothers, 80 Aldo Andretti, Mario’s Twin Brothers, 80

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