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Alessio di Kiriko Perhaps he got the biggest win in his mixed martial arts career and saved his job in the process. The emotions were visibly overwhelming.

Di Chirico (13-5 MMA, 4-5 UFC) crouched down and sat in a cage, ABC1 UFC Opponent Joaquin Buckley stood up to let him know what had happened and put him on his stool.

Dikirico was not supposed to win the battle. A fairly vulnerable person, Di Chirico cranked Buckley with his own taste of medicine before finishing the fight – a head kick –. The victory snapped a streak of three defeats for the Italians.

But when Di Kiriko walked back for a post-war press conference, he surprised reporters by refusing to ask further questions.

“It was a good fight, but I’m sorry everyone,” said Di Chirico after MMA junkie John Morgan asked the first question. “Sorry, I promised not to do this interview. I don’t like to interview only the winners of this game. This sport is always played by two people, the winner and the loser. So I don’t like this. Thank you for your work and I would like to send this message. Thank you guys. “

Di Kiriko has a slightly different view and wants to clarify his stance, as he had time to ponder the decision to end the post-war press conference without answering the question. As a skid-riding fighter, Di Kiriko wanted to shed light on the perceived culture of “what have you done for me lately?” In the MMA report.

“I want to clarify things,” Di Chirico told MMA Junkie in Italian in a recent interview with a translator. “I had no contempt for the work of you and your colleagues. I hope there is no misunderstanding about it. I have put something special in his journey because every fighter puts something special in his journey. We firmly believe that this sport is the best sport in the world. Every camp is very close to the definition of hell. You feel pressure on your team, your family and your fans. Sometimes you fight your best and still lose. Judges may think you lost the fight, but maybe you were the winner, and (and) it’s like the world falls on your head It is a thing.

“So I think it’s fair to shed light on the guys who lost the fight. Obviously if they’re healthy. That’s it. I interview the guy you were knocked out of his stretcher. It didn’t mean it should. I’m sorry my English can be 100% unclear. I’m also training about it …. It’s not a stretcher for me. I was emotional. I was emotional. I’m a sportsman. I have a deep respect for everyone who shares the octagon with me. I’ve participated in that (curse) many times, so I know the pain they experience. I will. “

Viewers and reporters weren’t the only ones surprised by Di Kiriko’s decision. Following the event, UFC President Dana White considered Di Chirico’s walk-off home run and another encounter with the fighter behind the scenes.

“I found out that she was angry.” White told reporters.. “Did you guys talk to him? What …? I just heard. That’s the crazy (swearing) I’ve ever heard. I saw him behind. I saw him and his team. I walked by and said, “Hey, congratulations.” They looked at me like “(what) do you want (curse)?” Seriously, they literally looked at me as I lost. I looked at Brian and said, “Man, it’s an unfortunate crew.” Apparently they didn’t know they won. “

Perhaps more than anything else, Di Kiriko feels sick of meeting her boss. According to Di Kiriko, who has since apologized to White, that was all a misunderstanding.

“It’s a shame, man. It’s a shame he thought this way,” said Di Kiriko. “At this point, I don’t think there were any people in the world who were happier than me and my team. It’s a complete misunderstanding. I’m exhausted. It was the end of three consecutive losses. I have to endure so much pressure. I probably couldn’t smile because I didn’t. But believe me, I hardly remember what happened right after the fight. Now it’s okay. I’m through the manager Dana and Mick ( I apologize to Maynard). I was the happiest man in Abu Dhabi, believe me. “

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Alessio Di Chirico clarifies comments, Dana White exchanges Alessio Di Chirico clarifies comments, Dana White exchanges

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