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Alessio di Kiriko To say a little, he was one of the hottest fighters in the UFC’s first show at ABC.

His knockout Joaquin Buckley Would have been one of the top highlights already UFC Fight Island 7However, Di Kiriko refused to participate in the post-war interview. John Anique It made a wave. The Italian middleweight wasn’t very clear when talking to the media behind the scenes.

At the time, Di Kiriko had only to say that the practice of interviewing the winners of the battle usually felt wrong.Appearing What the heck, Dikiriko further explained his position.

“Then I almost cried. After the fight, I was completely emotionally involved,” said Di Kiriko. “That’s why I declined the interview. It was an option to have at least two fights before this fight. In my mind, like this business attitude, if you win, the world The best people, the best athletes, and if you lose, it’s garbage. I think this will definitely change for us and for fighters.

“I know he can’t be interviewed if the fighter is knocked out, I know. But if the decision is based on the point in the cage, that is, a close decision, the fighter I think I have the opportunity to speak to be interviewed. “

Di Kiriko would not have been accused of claiming additional glory after the victory, given his stakes. Not only did he participate in Buckley’s fight as a considerable underdog, but he also suffered three consecutive losses in his fourth defeat, ensuring that his time at the UFC was over. Instead, it took a little over two minutes to find the mark with a head kick that shuts down Buckley.

He didn’t feel forced to talk about his victory on the night of January 16th, but he wants to make it clear that he didn’t intend any contempt for Annick, the media, or the UFC. I think.

“I don’t want to look down on journalists,” Di Kiriko said. “I don’t want to downplay your job. I want to send this message to change the situation of the fighter and make a slight improvement.

“And absolutely it wasn’t a dispute over the UFC.”

UFC President Dana White Asked about Dikirico’s unique post-combat behavior after UFC Fight Island 7, he told an anecdote behind the scenes about how Dikiriko and his team were coldly greeted. Di Kiriko smiled, remembering the incident, calling it a misunderstanding based on his own fatigue after getting out of the height of the battle.

“I’m exhausted after the fight,” said Di Kiriko. “I was barely aware of him, so I ask him.’I’m sorry for him and Mick Maynard.’It was a crazy reaction after the victory.”

With a win that brought his UFC record (4-5) closer to the .500 mark, Dikirico is eager to compete again soon.He made his contempt Kevin HollandWinning a decision against Dikirico at the UFC Greenville in June 2019, he said he was ready to intervene as an alternative to the next Fight Knight main event featuring the Netherlands. Derek Brunson March 20th.

Aside from the grudge against the Netherlands, Di Chirico is not interested in building a fight through the story of garbage and hopes that such action in MMA will be completely phased out. Dikirico has found something bigger in MMA and hopes that one day it will have a reputation that deserves an Olympic event.

“MMA is a sport,” said Dikirico. “MMA is a sport, sometimes confused with shows and sometimes with professional wrestling. It changed my life, and everyone needs to understand this. Someday the Olympics. I hope to go to. “

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Alessio Di Chirico explains why she declined the post-match interview and what changes she wants to see in MMA culture Alessio Di Chirico explains why she declined the post-match interview and what changes she wants to see in MMA culture

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