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Alex Bruce was talking about his dad again.

Alex Bruce has been a regular defender of Steve Bruce for the past 27 months from criticisms of his / her work at Newcastle United.

Alex Bruce often gets retaliation first!

Steve Bruce’s son talks and writes about his father with completely blind support. This is not surprising if he is a family member.

Some of what Alex Bruce said is pretty embarrassing, especially when lining up with Newcastle fans on social media and interacting with the infamous journalist Craig Hope of the Mail. Especially when you do. After that, his dad banned the press conference. Don’t ruin our family!

No one should have a problem with Alex Bruce wanting to do this kind of thing. And now he has been released again prior to this Spurs match today (see below).

But if he intends to do that, Alex Bruce should at least stick to the facts / truths.

“He didn’t have the opportunity to manage a club that he could go with the right amount of money … he could only use the money that the club generated, and in the pandemic there was no money there.”

Sky sports Last week, he conducted an analysis of Steve Bruce and Newcastle United, showing that during his time at Newcastle United, Mike Ashley helped him with the eighth-largest net spending of all Premier League clubs. It was Rafa Benitez who had zero (less than) net spending and support while at NUFC for three years.

Ashley In an official statement after this latest transfer, Steve Bruce said he had invested £ 160m in the transfer since he arrived.

“I think he did a very good job at all the clubs he manages.”

Well, Steve Bruce has managed 10 clubs, but with some strange exceptions, I haven’t heard that the majority of fans agree with this.

Steve Bruce is almost certainly Newcastle United But that wasn’t enough, don’t worry about how much he was in conflict with his fans.

There are no wins in eight games this season. The winning percentage in the last 10 months has been less than 19%, with only 7 wins in 37 games. Defending was in turmoil when he scored more goals than any other PL club, scored 62 goals in the last 34 games and was seventh in both Rapha’s PL seasons at NUFC.

These are the reasons Steve Bruce has to be replaced (among others), as was anyone who owns a club throughout the season.

Talk to Alex Bruce BBC Radio 5 Live Football Daily Podcast About Steve Bruce of Newcastle United:

“It was hard. I didn’t sit here and lie, say it wasn’t, it was really hard to see the criticism.

“Given that he has played 1,000 games since he took office, I think the lack of respect shown was incredible.

“A lot has been said about my dad, and I feel a bit crazy for him, but I have 999 games as a manager to see a particular individual, 980 as a player I really want to say to those who did odds, question his integrity, professionalism, managerial abilities, question warm-ups, shifts, etc … they all make mistakes, but he cracks Wasn’t it worth it?

“He didn’t have the opportunity to manage a club where he could spend the right amount of money. He manages teams in the Premier League such as Wigan, Birmingham and Hull City … his in the Premier League. Win percentages have been questioned many times. Do people really expect big win percentages when managing such clubs?

“I don’t think so. When you’re a smart person with a high level, you’re looking at the big picture. He’s a very good job at every club he manages. I think he’s doing, and I think he deserves a crack. Some of the contempt he’s been shown is hard to see.

“He knew it would happen from the day he got a job.

“He had an owner who was trying to sell the club. He had an owner who didn’t want to put his money into the club for some reason. He could only use the money that the club generated. In the pandemic, there was no money there.

“He tried to strengthen the team in the last window. They desperately needed reinforcements in the defensive area, I think he was very dissatisfied with not being able to do that, so work There were many things that made it difficult.

“He’s a corrupt man. The number of times I told him,” Why don’t you let someone else report? “And he just said,” I’m a manager, so that’s my responsibility. ” increase.

“Dad finished the round in much the same way, but one was praised as the Messiah and the other was abused from the moment he entered the door. This is what I see because he is Geordie. It was the most difficult thing.

“In fact, no matter what people say, I know what Newcastle means to him as a companion. He once crawls under a turnstile ticket gate and stands there with his father as a kid. He has always supported the club.

“No matter what you say about my dad, he thinks a lot of the club and knows more than anyone else that this new ownership needs to occur and believes in me. He believes in football. I’m absolutely delighted not only with the club, but with the city and its supporters. “

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Alex Bruce gives a new “unbiased” opinion about Steve Bruce’s situation ahead of Game 1,000 Alex Bruce gives a new “unbiased” opinion about Steve Bruce’s situation ahead of Game 1,000

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