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no doubt Alex Pereira In MMA battles, you can leave everyone unconscious on the UFC 276But he wants to make another kind of remark.

Set to return to the match of the potential No. 1 competitor Sean Strickland July 2nd — Same night Pereira’s famous rival, Israel AdesanyaIs expected to defend his UFC middleweight title Jared Cannonier — “Poretan” is becoming dominant.

“Honestly, I’m not thinking about knockouts,” Pereira said in an episode of this week’s MMA fighting podcast. Trocação Franca.. “If it’s a fight [that ends] By making a decision, by winning clearly, I would prefer it.I want to feel [the fight], See?Just like [Bruno Santos] Fight — 3 rounds, war, he tries to beat me and I keep it. If I was dropped, I would stand up and probably drop him too. “

Pereira is a former GLORY two-division champion who left kickboxing and focused full-time on MMA’s career in 2021. In his first two UFC matches, he won 2-0, including a spectacular Flying Knee Knockout. Andreas Mihai Lidis With his Octagon debut, Pereira won the UFC 276 and was able to win the title. This is even more true if Adesanya defeats Cannonier, as Pereira defeated the “Last Style Bender” twice in kickboxing and the two continued to win. Fierce competition.

Strickland, meanwhile, is looking for a chance at UFC Gold after winning six games in a row.Recently, with a decision of 5 rounds Jack hermansson..

“He’s a dangerous man and very tough,” Pereira said of Strickland. “But in my fighting style, I think it’s a great fight for me. He wants to be willing to get involved, he wants to win. It gives me a lot of motivation. I think my technique is better than him. “

Pereira is nothing more than a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Strickland believes that he “insists” on approaching the battle with a takedown in mind. A former kickboxing star said he might show off his martial arts insights, but only if it’s not just a “waste of energy.”

“There are many openings in his game, and there’s a lot I can do there,” Pereira said of Strickland, who hasn’t lost since his first knockout to Welterweight. Elizeu Zareski In 2018. “He has had a lot of experience since then, even in that fight he lost to the Brazilians in a spinning kick. I think he’s not just gaining weight, he’s evolving. Six fights. [since then] There are many. “

In a previous interview Trocação FrancaPereira said Adesanya was “feared” to face him in mixed martial arts and predicted that the champion would escape from him.

Three months later, Pereira was ready for the shot.

“I don’t know what will happen [after UFC 276]”Pereira said. “Since I signed, people have sought the battle of Adesanya and the battle of the title. [with the UFC].. I came in saying I wanted to fight for the belt with the person who has the belt, and he is there. I don’t know what that will be, but I’m ready for one, two, or three how many times the organization wants me to fight. But it turns out to be a quick process.I’m ready [now].. “

But will Adesanya leave Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena as the 185-pound king?

Pereira believes that it will be difficult for middleweights other than him to beat the UFC champion at this point, and has analyzed exactly what Adesanya thinks he will beat Cannonier.

“It’s the thigh kick that makes the difference in this fight,” Pereira said. “”[People will say,] “But Alex, he won with a head kick KO or knee.” But see how it started, how [Cannonier] Acting after these kicks. It’s hard to hurt someone with your hands. You KO people by hand, do you know? The kick is intended to hurt.

“What is Adesanya going to do? [against me]?? Kick me? I will protect it. The defense I do, it also hurt people. He does it well and hurt people. I won’t mention his name here, but you can see the people he fought. [And people] Never talk about this kick [to the thigh].. “

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Alex Pereira prefers a clearer decision than Sean Strickland over knockouts: “There are many openings in his game.” Alex Pereira prefers a clearer decision than Sean Strickland over knockouts: “There are many openings in his game.”

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